Phivolcs repairs 15 monitoring stations disabled by “Glenda”

2014_0721_ monitoring network2
Mayon Volcano monitoring network by Phivolcs.

LEGAZPI CITY — Two teams from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology in Manila repaired nine of the 10 monitoring stations around Mount Mayon including six of the seven similar equipments around Bulusan volcano disabled by typhoon “Glenda” on July 15.

Headed by Dr. Maria Antonia V. Bornas, Phivolcs Volcano Monitoring and Eruption and Prediction Division chief, the group arrived Saturday.

The teams are composed of geologists and engineers which worked on the equipments.

The joint teams including Phivolcs Bicol personnel found out the non -functioning equipments affected the overall monitoring of Mayon which is on alert level one.

The teams confirmed the Lignon Hill Observatory could detect quakes and seismic activities but not determine the ground deformation survey and other important information on the status of the volcano.

Bornas said this was the same situation at the Bulusan Volcano even when its alert level is zero.

Of the seven monitoring stations, only one was functioning even as the two repeaters sent information from the only one functioning. Each station costs Php 3 million.

These equipment were a joint project of the Philippine government, Japan International Cooperation Agency and the government of Singapore.(from PNA report by Nancy Mediavillo)


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