18 Bicol Towns Were Less Dependent on IRA in 2008

Of the 107 Bicol towns, 18 received an IRA that ranged from the low of 52.32% to 79.24% of their gross annual income. Libon of Albay was the least IRA dependent with 52.32% at P74,015,836.

Bear in mind any percentage of share on the national government allocation of internal revenue allotment still make the local government unit a dependent no matter how small the dough.

Interesting enough, all six provinces have some or one town included in the listing with five from Albay, five from Sorsogon, one from Camarines Norte, four from Camarines Sur, two from Masbate and one from Catanduanes.

Daet, Pili and Virac may have reaped the benefit for being the capital of their respective provincial LGUs, while three other provinces have their capitols in component cities (Legazpi, Masbate and Sorsogon).

Libon, Daraga and Tiwi, all of Albay, were a trio of show offs, leading the pack of towns and remarkable enough, all below the 60% in IRA share dependence.

  • Municipality Province Total Income IRA % Dependence
    Esperanza* MAS 30,875,190 22,339,374 72.35%
    Pili CAS 97,579,316 70,838,801 72.60%
    Virac CAT 94,027,733 69,061,610 73.45%
    Bulusan SOR 43,175,265 32,946,864 76.31%
    Gainza* CAS 14,512,469 11,296,962 77.84%
    Polangui ALB 96,518,416 75,426,853 78.15%
    Juban SOR 52,445,067 41,018,384 78.21%
    Milaor CAS 40,048,503 31,734,300 79.24%

Consider this, what if the national government halts the release of the mana from the treasury, what will become of these LGUs? Your thoughts are as good as mine.

Then we will look deeper into the stats why some municipalities were deeply IRA dependent, dozed off in the whole fiscal year content waiting for their share.

To be continued.


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