“Mind your trash,” – enviro group appeals to revelers

QUEZON CITY, Dec. 31 — An advocate for , appealed to the public to ring in the new year without the habitual littering.

EcoWaste Coalition coordinator Aileen Lucero said, “For a change, let us wrap up 2014 and kick off 2015 in a manner that will mirror our personal and communal concern and responsibility for the environment.”

While Republic Act 9003 (the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act) and complemented by local ordinances, strictly forbids littering, it is rampant, creating eyesores.


The group observed that revelers who troop to public parks for fun and entertainment on the eve before new year leave food leftovers and polystyrene containers, disposable cutlery, plastic bottles and cups and soiled paper.

In neighborhood streets, it’s common to see mixed garbage bins and heaps, including dangerous remnants of firecrackers and fireworks, the group further observed.

The group appealed “… it is our shared task to look after the health and safety of our communities and the environment at large, ensuring that our actions conserve and protect, not inflict further damage, on our ailing planet.”

For a cleaner and greener New Year’s welcome, the coalition urged the public to: Prevent all forms of wasting to conserve resources, save money and minimize the generation of waste. Go for reusable dinnerware rather than single-use paper or plastic plates and other disposable party supplies. Cut back on food waste by avoiding over-the-top midnight feast and by safely storing leftovers for sharing or recycling.


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