Indonesia releases execution order for Mary Jane Veloso – DFA

Mary Jane Veloso
Veloso who was meted a death sentence for the offense of drug trafficking put forward the defense that the illegal recruiters duped her into smuggling heroin from Malaysia to Indonesia.

MANILA, April 25 — The Department of Foreign Affairs said on Saturday the execution order for overseas Filipino worker Mary Jane Veloso, who was sentenced to death in Indonesia for drug trafficking, was received by her family. The Indonesia’s prosecutor gave the notice letter to the family during a meetinf Friday, informing them of the impending execution, but no date was indicated as to when it will be done, DFA spokesman Charles Jose said in a statement.

A photo-poster campaign of the advocacy group Migrante, in their relentless fight to save the life of innocent OFW Mary Jane Veloso..

“The Attorney General’s Office will announce it,” he said. “The prosecutor does not know the exact date of execution.” As a policy, Indonesia gives embassies a 72-hour notice before the date of execution of foreign prisoners. Jose said the 72-hour count will only begin once the AGO announces the date.

Veloso, 30, who was caught carrying 2.6 kilograms of heroin in her luggage at the Yogyakarta Airport in 2010, has maintained her innocence, insisting she was tricked into bringing the drug-laden suitcase by a Filipino friend who also acted as her recruiter.

In the same meeting, Jose said the prosecutor clarified arrangements for the family’s visit to Veloso in Nusa Kambangan, a maximum detention facility in an island where death row prisoners are transferred for execution. The family and lawyers were scheduled to go to the prison on Saturday, he said.

Jose also said that Indonesian Foreign Ministry officials met representatives from six embassies who have death convicts.

The Philippine government filed another appeal Friday in a last-ditch effort to save Veloso’s life, but Philippine officials said it is not a guarantee that it can prevent the execution.

Veloso will be the first Filipino to be executed in a Southeast Asian country in 20 years. Flor Contemplacion, the Filipino domestic helper found guilty of murder, was put to death in Singapore in 1995. (PNA/ Michaela Del Callar)


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