Binay, Duterte ends presidential campaign in high spirits


At the miting de avance at Quirino Grandstand of Rizal Park, Manila Saturday, PDP-LABAN standard bearer Rodrigo Duterte vowed to enforce all laws of the land if elected in the May 9 presidential elections.

Mdanwhile, United Nationalists Alliance (UNA) standard bearer and Vice President Jejomar Binay called for a clean and fair elections during the party’s miting de avance at Lawton Avenue corner JP Rizal St. and Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City.

“There are laws in the land, I will enforce it. Due process, by all means, I will give it to you (public),” Duterte said to the crowd telling all criminals to immediately leave the country as he intends to crackdown hard on them.

The popular curse-speaking, maverick candidate belied accusations that he is a communist.

For his part Binay called on President Benigno S. Aquino III and the Commissions on Elections to remove the doubt and fear of the people from the possibility of manipulation on elections.

The rest of UNA Team is present which include vice-presidential bet Sen. Gringo Honasan, the senatoriables and local candidates of Makati.

Binay was confident he would be the first president from Makati City, saying as he roam around the country, he was able to talk to different sectors and all of them said that their votes will go for him.

Binay also said that he expects to get 15 million votes even as the former Makati City mayor called on his rivals to his rivals for a clean and fair elections.
The vice president said that he will be personally monitor the elections results. (From PNA reports).

  • Binay, Duterte ends presidential campaign in high spirits


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