Former Bicol NBI Chief Receives Scathing Accusations from Columnist


We follow the stellar carreer of a Calabangueno who is now the NBI director for region 3, Atty. Ricardo Diaz. So that when we read the scathing accusations from columnist Ramon Tulfo, we cringe in reaction at how liberally he berates government personalities and public servants thru his column.

On August 27, 2012, he opined in his column, On Target that an NBI official accused of harassing couple part of which we quote here:

Ken Edwards, an Australian, and his Filipino wife, Catherine, are complaining of being harassed by an official of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and his men.

The subject of the complaint is Ricardo Diaz, director of Region 3, who has allegedly issued a liquidation order against the couple.

Edwards has written Justice Secretary Leila de Lima about the threats from Diaz.

The letter was dated July 28, (2012).

But the head of the Department of Justice, which has supervision over the NBI, has failed to act on the complaint, apparently because she was busy with her application for the position of chief justice.

Edwards said Diaz had accused him of human trafficking and prostitution but the latter could not prove the charge as NBI agents who raided his two bars in Angeles City last year didn’t find any evidence.

Two months ago, Diaz’s men allegedly raided Edwards’ house in San Fernando, Pampanga, on the pretext of looking for his wife, the owner of the two raided establishments.

The NBI agents didn’t have a warrant issued by the courts.

Edwards said the raids on the two bars last year took place after his sister-in-law stopped giving weekly protection money to the NBI because of poor business.

If Edwards is telling the truth, no wonder Diaz can’t find fugitive retired Maj. Gen Jovito Palparan because he’s too busy with other things.

Later, on Tulfo’s column published on September 1st, this is the link, a short follow up on the above item:

In the interest of fair play, here’s Diaz’s side in the controversy:

The Edwards are owners of the Honky Tonk and Goobles Bars in Angeles City which were raided on Sept. 14, 2011, for alleged human trafficking.

A minor working as a GRO (guest relations officer) was found in her club during the NBI raid.

Diaz vehemently denies allegations of extorting from the Edwards.

“Between human traffickers, who have all the resources, and law enforcers, who are wanting in resources, we find ourselves at the losing end,” says Diaz.

Previously, Diaz was the NBI regional director for Bicol. We should note here that the National Bureau of Investigation is with the Department of Justice under Secretary De Lima who hails from Iriga city.


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