Pinay owner of remittance center in Canada faces false pretense charges, more

This is why overseas Filipinos, and other nationalities, need to be very careful in sending their hard earned remittances to the Philippines or their home country.
[flexiblemap address=”SRCash Remit, Marlborough Mall, Calgary, Alberta” region=”CAnada” directions=”true” width=”100%” height=”250px” zoom=”16″ ]

Patron wired $2,000 to relatives in her native country, some of it to pay back debts and some to give as a Christmas gift

They sent money … for medication, for education, for Christmas. Even if it’s $200, that’s a lot of money to some people

Recipients did not receive the money, remittance center owner in hiding

Chances of getting money back are slim


Filipinos in Canada, including those from other countries, learned the hard and frustrating way in sending earned cash availing of a service in Calgary city, in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Customer-senders had been used to sending remittance thru SR Cash Remit in Marlborough Mall for sometime until recently when the service closed without notice.

Patrons discovered that the closure was due to financial problem the center faces. Some of the senders confirmed their remittance did not reach nor received by their intended beneficiary counterpart in the Philippines.

The local police estimated that customers may have lost more than CAD $100,000 while some senders face losing between CAD $200 up to CAD $15,000 with remittances having been unsent by the center.

Assigned investigators are now hunting for the company’s owner, 37-year-old Marisyel Pilande.

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Checking on the social media for Pilande, her facebook account is already empty of information and posts.

H/T specimen CAD $ wikipedia.


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