World’s 12th, Philippines now a mega-GMO producing country

Cry, anti-GMO people, organizations, advocates against the GMO gory phenomenon. The pro-GMO, it seems is gaining foothold in the country fast and easy, with the support of big money, corporations, public and private institutions and not to discount the government and its people within.

The Philippines is now the number 12th in growing GMO field crops. Hurray, hallelluah! That could be the shouts of joy in the minds and hearts of these pro-modification of natural food growth production processes in plants.


Despite active campaign against raising GMO crops, 415,000 farmers have devoted 831,000 hectares of their agricultural lands to planting a variety of GMO Basillus Thuringionsis corn already. This pushed the Philippines in the company of biotech mega-countries per information from the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Application.

Looking worldwide, as of the previous year more than 181 million hectares of biotech crops were planted by 18 million farmers in 28 countries, including Brazil, Argentina, India and China.

Looking up to the west, the United States devotes 73.1 million hectares to biotech crops in 2014. It has been producing genetically modified crops such as maize, soybean, cotton, canola, sugar beat, papaya, squash, tomato, sweet pepper, poplar, alfalfa and last year, eggplant. Meanwhile the Russian Federation has called a halt on the GMO-fication in the country.


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