Countries with Approximate Area and Population as Bicol

It’s fun making comparison.

The Bicol territory is a few thousands of square kilometer smaller (2,656) than the middle eastern Jewish nation of Israel but many times bigger than the infant south east Asian republic of East Timor (Timor Leste).

Bicol with 18,114 sq km. of land area will rank as 158th after Fiji (18,272 sq km). Israel is 154th with 20,770 sq km; 155th Slovenia (20,273 sq km), 156th New Caledonia (18,575 sq km); 157th Fiji; Bicol; 159th Kuwait (17,818 sq km), 160th Swaziland (17,364 sq km), 161st East Timor (14,874 sq km).

Mayon, the epitome of Bicol- the big beautiful country; big bountiful country. Did you just read the caption as big beautiful country twice?

But of course, Russia is the world’s biggest with 17,098,242 sq km. And the Vatican city-state is the smallest with 0.44 sq km.

Bicol with a population of 5,109,798 will list on the 117th, after 115th Finland (5,406,990) and 116th Singapore (5,183,700), Bicol, 118th Turkmenistan (5,105,000 ), 119th Norway (5,0005,000) and 120th Ireland (4,588,252).

China with a population of 1.3 billion (1,347,350,000) has the world’s biggest and Vatican city-state has the smallest with approximately 800 inhabitants, majority if not all are celibate, belonging to the Catholic faith, nuns, priests, bishops, cardinals and a Pope.

Just thinking aloud and turning thoughts into readable words.

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