DOST urge public to synchronize with Philippine standard time


MANILA, Dec 31 — As the country is set to usher in the coming of year 2014, Department of Science and Technology Secretary Mario Montejo urged the public to synchronize their time with the Philippine Standard Time.

Through following the PST, everyone would be able to inculcate the value of punctuality, discipline and respect for other people’s time, according to the Secretary.

Moreover, this would change the “Filipino time” practice of arriving late on scheduled events or appointments.

“’Filipino time’ should now mean ‘on time’,” Montejo urged.

“The PST should unite Filipinos not only in technical terms but also in our cultural sense of time,” he added. “Being on time shows respect to the value of time and that of other people’s time.”

President Benigno Aquino has signed into law Republic Act No. 10535, the Philippine Standard Time Act of 2013, which mandates national and local government agencies, TV and radio stations, schools as well as the private sector to display the PST in accordance with the official time provided by the PAGASA on their official time devices. It also calls for the observance of the national time consciousness week every first week of the year.

Filipinos and netizens who want to join the DOST PST On Time advocacy can use the hashtag #PinoyAkoOnTimeAko in their posts, blogs, and other social media activities. (PNA)


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