Billionaire Cities of the Philippines in 2005

Boats for rent, waiting for tourists to explore the many wonders of Puerto Princesa city and Palawan province.

There are similarities between the cities of Davao and Puerto Princesa. Both have large land area than any of the cities one can locate in the country. Same cities are outside of Metro Manila.

Before, respective residents claim either of the two LGUs was the biggest in the Philippines in terms of territory covered. Checking their websites and Wikipedia recently, it seems that has been settled with Puerto giving way to Davao.

Puerto’s population of 210,508 is spread over 2,400 square kilometers (926.6 sq. mi. or 253,982 hectares) in urban and green sprawl yet dwarfed by Davao’s 1,363,337 residents within 2,444 sq. km.(or 943.6 sq. mi.). Hence, Davao come out over populated than Puerto, kind of.

Aside from both cities being declared highly urbanized, one more common similarity is on the money side. Both LGUs earn annual income surpassing the P1 billion mark for the year of 2005.

Of the 117 cities of the country, 20 cities earned over +P1 billion in our year of review. The one-time national capital of Quezon topped the list with over P7.37B followed by Manila with P7.12B. The financial capital Makati came in 3rd with P6.32B. On the 20th is Taguig city, the up and coming hip zone in the urban Metro Manila.

Mind twist: Of these 20 cities, 13 are within Metro Manila, 15 from Luzon island, 16 within Luzon and Palawan, 1 (Cebu) in Visayas and 3 from Mindanao.

Check out the table below:

1NCRQuezon City7,376,391,780
2NCRManila City7,119,823,858
3NCRMakati City6,320,644,917
4NCRPasig City3,446,156,247
5Region XIDavao City2,757,208,839
6NCRKalookan City2,091,683,285
7NCRParañaque City1,997,001,697
8Region VIICebu City1,929,828,959
9NCRMandaluyong City1,613,031,602
10NCRPasay City1,603,197,000
11NCRValenzuela City1,400,481,522
12NCRMuntinlupa City1,364,082,105
13Region IIIOlongapo City1,346,543,855
14Region IV-BPuerto Princesa City1,302,100,388
15NCRMarikina City1,237,894,340
16Region IXZamboanga City1,176,993,170
17NCRLas Piñas City1,119,754,160
18Region IV-ACalamba City1,094,639,553
19Region XCagayan de Oro City1,084,366,266
20NCRTaguig City1,054,625,140

Half-way to the first billion: We sorted in the table below the cities that earned income between +P500M and almost Pl billion. Cities that come from certain regions of the country accounted for 16 LGUs: 9 from Luzon, 4 from Visayas and the rest from Mindanao.

Here’s the table for that:

21Region IV-ABatangas City980,417,628
22Region IV-ASta. Rosa City883,888,687
23Region VIIloilo City875,969,910
24Region IV-AAntipolo City810,271,684
25CARBaguio City804,985,794
26Region XIligan City777,494,550
27Region VIIMandaue City774,296,231
28Region XIIGeneral Santos City761,062,991
29CARAGAButuan City718,252,211
30Region VIBacolod City705,248,080
31Region IIIAngeles City610,327,706
32Region VIILapu-Lapu City595,020,987
33NCRMalabon City570,243,044
34Region IV-ALipa City561,036,688
35Region IISantiago City533,255,674
36Region IIITarlac City505,438,537

The Bicol cities ranking: Legazpi- 45th; Naga, 53rd; Sorsogon, 75th; Ligao, 95th; Masbate, 103rd; Iriga, 105th; and Tabaco, 113th.

Four cities with income lower than that of Tabaco (P183M) were: Palayan, 117th; Canlaon, 116th; Tangub, 115th; and Vigan, 114th.

Thirteen  cities received an  IRA allotment over P400M:

RankRegionLGUIRA Share
1NCRQuezon City1,548,176,820
2Region XIDavao City1,480,201,420
3NCRManila City1,154,093,301
4Region IXZamboanga City845,078,830
5NCRKalookan City809,839,047
6Region IV-BPuerto Princesa City778,937,122
7Region VIICebu City643,468,211
8Region XCagayan de Oro City485,929,173
9Region XIIGeneral Santos City484,743,602
10Region XIligan City472,370,555
11CARAGAButuan City464,131,456
12Region IISantiago City462,827,454
13Region IV-AAntipolo City452,553,291

Good fiscal management.  Thirty one cities which had saved more for the year 2005.

1NCRQuezon City2,580,389,570
2NCRMakati City1,839,322,838
3NCRManila City1,217,739,522
4Region IXZamboanga City823,484,520
5NCRKalookan City454,720,417
6NCRValenzuela City403,981,874
7Region IV-ACalamba City403,652,891
8NCRMarikina City345,209,770
9Region VIIMandaue City298,449,357
10Region VIICebu City291,845,242
11CARBaguio City253,000,172
12NCRPasay City231,495,000
13Region XIDavao City217,675,304
14NCRMandaluyong City159,938,054
15Region XIIKidapawan City147,020,159
16NCRLas Piñas City146,812,690
17Region IISantiago City142,998,132
18Region VIIloilo City141,636,360
19Region XIIGeneral Santos City141,040,062
20Region VIBacolod City139,336,330
21NCRTaguig City132,508,810
22Region VIKabankalan City123,201,950
23Region VIIIOrmoc City117,707,817
24Region VIIBais City117,005,295
25Region IIISan Jose del Monte City115,903,784
26Region XMalaybalay City113,184,542
27NCRMalabon City107,048,374
28NCRParañaque City104,599,764
29Region VIIICalbayog City102,465,013
30Region XValencia City102,278,492
31Region IV-ABatangas City101,013,971

Ten LGUs that incurred deficit for the year of 2005.

1NCRPasig City-292,172,725
2Region XIligan City-135,335,113
3Region IV-BPuerto Princesa City-131,408,450
4Region VTabaco City*-81,594,347
5Region IIIAngeles City-55,769,139
6Region IIIMunoz City-32,407,781
7Region VILa Carlota City-24,567,150
8Region IV-ATagaytay City-22,179,476
9Region VISilay City-13,566,150
10Region IXDapitan City-5,638,872

For other cities not mentioned here, please write us a comment and we will answer individually.

To be continued.

Thanks and photo courtesy of Joann C.


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