Conserve Water, Recycle, Save the Planet and Your Wallet

Friendly household consumer product help conserve water and save some money.

As part of the Blog Action Day 2010 which unfolded October 15th, wherein we posted an appeal to save our rivers and creeks, we looked around the house what simple chores and tasks every member of the family were doing in support of the cause and more and in a simple way, save us few pesos by making minor changes on our daily habit.

We have a simple tabletop (desktop) filtration system for drinking water, an inexpensive contraption of a home-filter pitcher purchased years ago. We fill the container with tap water and it filters quick and easy. Of course the filter is replaced every two or three months depending on the usage and volume of water processed as it would show signs usefulness has exceeded its worth.

We also load our handy refillable jugs and bottles with filtered water for our outdoor walks, jogs, office and beyond. Quite handy and really save us more pesos than we can imagine.

We remind ourselves vendors and suppliers of filtered water sold hereabout the town are sourced from the same Calabanga Water District, where the water from our faucet come from. Resident consumers though complain of the amount of chlorine added on the water running through the system.

The Calabanga Water District has headquarters at the barangay of San Pablo.

So far this practice may have saved the environment, reduced a lot of plastic water bottles already. And us, money from our meager monthly earnings.

And just in case you or some members of the family are hooked to energy drinks, it’s time to make a second look at them. The ingredients in most are just caffeine and sugar. There’s no vitamin, no secret super ingredient, added. It is the inner workings of the caffeine and nothing more.

Perhaps, the most effective way of regaining strength is (1) getting off the internet; (2) stop text messaging continuously: (3) go to bed, and catch an eight-hour sleep; (4) and, drink a lot of water from the filtered jug. By the way, say your prayers, too.

Does this make sense?

In the morning, when we wake up, and there’s a craving for caffeine, we can go ahead and home brew the popular Batangas coffee or one from the market. Or the ever dependable instant coffee.

I know, some in the city often go to malls and join the in-crowd, stand in line for costly branded-brewed coffee.

Well, we go there as a special treat but not often since the money spent not only the cost of the coffee but of the ambiance. And if I’m rushing, is ambiance worth the pay?


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