PH Not RP is Philippines ISO Country Code

The International Organization for Standardization based in Geneva promulgates proprietary commercial and industrial standards.

We are bound in some specific ways with generally accepted standards and norms in our daily lives. So with government and industry transactions and liaisons are done in standards that will facilitate and ease the orderly and non-confusing conduct of business.

Within this post Cbanga360(dot)Net starts using the ISO short code and would refer to the Philippines as PH.

The world of standards is spoused by the international standard-setting group International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which the PH and 162 other countries belong with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Formed in 1947, the ISO promulgates proprietary commercial and industrial standards.

Of the 162 national standards bodies, 105 are member bodies, 47 are correspondents and 10 subscribers. The PH is a Member Body of the ISO represented by the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) of the Department of Trade and Industry.

The ISO issued a listing of countries with their corresponding two-letter Alpha code- official short names in English in alphabetical order in ISO 3166-1 and the corresponding ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code elements. The list contains 246 official short names and code elements. The Philippines was assigned with the “PH” code.

The Department of Foreign Affairs announced in October it was adopting the ISO initials “PH” in accordance with the country’s membership in ISO. The use of “PH,” the DFA said, would also avoid the ambiguity and confusion that could result from the use of “RP.”

We have been used to referring to the country as RP (Republic of the Philippines) for so long a time already. It will take some practice to break away from that.

As we know, there are many countries that have the same short two letter initials identical with the PH such as the countries of Palau (Republic of Palau), Panama (República de Panamá), Paraguay (República del Paraguay), Peru (Republica del Peru), Poland (Republic of Poland or Rzeczpospolita Polska), and Portugal (República Portuguesa).

With the advent of the internet, the ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the entity in charge of coordinating the technical management of the Internet domain name system, allocating IP address space, assigning protocol parameters has also adopted the ISO standard.

It has assigned the PH as Top Level Domain (TLD) two-letter country code based from the ISO 3166 for the Philippines since 1990. Hence, the PH TLD comes in the fashion like HTTP://WWW.YOURDOMAIN.COM.PH or just WWW.YOURDOMAIN.COM.PH if you care to notice this.

The ISO codes of “PH” and “PHL” are used in the Philippines and overseas in airline ticketing systems and reservations, issuance of passports, currencies and internationally traded shares of stocks.


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