Watch CNN’s Christianne Amanpour interview clueless President Aquino

Watch CNN’s Christianne Amanpour interview hammers almost clueless President Aquino.

We invite readers to watch this video, an interview of President Benigno Simeon Aquino, III by CNN host, Christianne Amanpour.

A visibly almost clueless, evasive and unconcise Pinoy president, kind of wanting to pour the blame on the local government officials of devastated regions. What he told Christianne were not true.

The next thing people should watch for are the actual food, monetary aids, etc, received coming from other countries and organizations. And yet, the survivors are still hungry, many still haven’t seen any government relief distribution as of this writing. Other villages are yet to be visited by responsive government officials, too, six days after the devastation of typhoon Yolanda.

Some lies will not stay hidden. Media will slowly but surely spotlight the ineptness and corruption of government officials.

Amanpour is correct, Aquino presidency will be judged with how he responded into the emergency. Usad pagong. Buti pa ang pagong, umuusad!!


11 thoughts on “Watch CNN’s Christianne Amanpour interview clueless President Aquino”

  1. It is heart wrenching to see helpless typhoon victims cry for food, water and help. Some have to be attended to immediately because of injuries suffered. Unfortunately, the government was not prepared to handle the emergency. Who is in charge of the over all coordination is everyone’s question. There is finger pointing now. Very fast in press release as to how quick the delivery of relief aids, which is not true.

  2. He must instruct Philippine Army to use their choppers to give foods to unreachable areas affected by Yolanda. So that looting and other crimes that may arises on this crisis will be minimize. People do these looting’s because their is nothing to eat. The basic human need.

    1. It took sometime before the national leadership could gather itself to harness the resources, but kind of wanting still. Totally unprepared.

  3. WTF! ah well as long as he wont run out of Yosi!, then everything gonna be ok, grabe, while people are in dire straights the government stumble around finger pointing, how can these leaders be so blind to the actual needs of our countrymen.

  4. I’m so disappointed on how Aquino administration managed the calamity that hits Tacloban and other areas in the Philippines. The administration is too busy finger pointing who will going to be blame on the situation, even in the past this administration did not accept failures and criticisms blaming it to others for him he does not do anything wrong he is always right “SELF-RIGHTEOUS PRESIDENT”.

  5. In response to the recent criticism of Gaydolf and the CNN crowd on Pres Aquino and PNOY on the way they handled the aftermath of the typhoon I would like to request that AC point that hypocritical finger back at the US and take a look at how his own Country and Pres Bush botched the recovery in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to address their problems.

    In my opinion, Pres Aquino has done his best to maintain order in an unprecedented tragedy and will be working to rebuild for years while AC (a journalist who only cares about ratings) will move on to the whatever the next “tragedy” is that he can build his career on.

    This is why the younger generation back in the US no longer watches CNN because they know its mostly BS.

  6. Errmm did I watch the same video as the description? He wasn’t clueless and spoke well. I’m sure he apologises for lacking the ability to click his fingers and make everything right in the world overnight.

  7. If you are a critic of the President, like the author of this story, you’ll weave demeaning pictures of what have been said on this Amanpour interview.

    The writer’s name is nowhere to be found.

    1. Truth hurts. But it is better to know the truth than live with the lies. To expect the local government be the first responder on a catastrophic incident similar to Typhoon Yolanda is punching the moon. Rather than blame Tacloban LGU officials and other areas battered by the typhoon, the national leadership could have shut up its loud mouth, rolled its sleeves and went on to mobilizing with dispatch the needed relief. But no, it needs the biting talks of international media and defend itself on TV!. Definitely, the national government’s response to the pressing emergency brought about by the typhoon is a definitive moment of the Aquino administration.

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