Video: If a shark can talk, what story will it tell?


If sharks can talk, what stories will they tell? Will they talk of their wild adventures in the vast ocean, their domination over some of the species in their waterworld, the fear they instill among the smaller species, or the fear they instill on man?

Are they the predators or the prey?

Many thanks to the impressive team of Moetera Productions, we can hear loud and clear the shark’s message.

“I exist since the dawn of time. You were not here. I see you act, you are an impressive predator. I am not scared of you and yet you can lay me to waste.

I know you are troubled by our meeting. Fascinated and terrified, I remain a mystery to you.

Am I really a menace to the survival of your species? I am just a shark.”

Below is a short documentary directed and edited by Julien Marckt, filmed and scripted by Pascale Briancon with the voice over by Daniel Nju Lobé.

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H/T- Shark image grab from Vimeo.

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