Law enforcement agencies raid suspected drug den in Viga town of Catanduanes

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Law enforcement agencies raid suspected drug den in Viga town of Catanduanes.

On Saturday the previous week, law enforcement authorities, arrested persons suspected of drug trafficking, seized a gun, shabu, and drug paraphernalia, in a suspected drug den in the town.

A joint raiding team of policemen, from the provincial P N P public safety company, and the Viga municipal police force, raided a riverside cottage at barangay Del Pilar, at six in the morning. The cottage was said to be occupied by Santiago Boy Valderrama III.

The raid recovered a big sachet of shabu, valued at P35,000 found hidden in the hollow, of a concrete hollow block wall in the cubicle along with aluminum foil, and empty sachets in an air cooler.

The team also chanced upon the suspect’s live-in-partner, identified as Maria Amy Alcomandas.

At the ground floor, the team found shabu residue inside the refrigerator, a Caliber 22 pistol, and bullets at a cabinet, as well as empty plastic sachets, which Alcomendas claimed she used in repacking peanuts.

Up in the 2nd floor police apprehended Valderrama hiding in a cubicle.

Valderrama’s father, is a senior employee of the municipal government who arrived later at the scene.

Included in the raiding team, were Mayor Gordon Olfindo, Vice Mayor Yolando Tuqeuro, barangay captains Nonito Tusi of Del Pilar, and Asuncion Tuibeo of San Jose. The raiding team were joined by representatives. from the Department of Justice and the local media. (With report from Catanduanes Tribune)


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