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Autonomous flying taxi soon in Dubai on July 2017

First, the driverless cars. Now what is Dubai up to next? The city of Dubai, the modern capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of seven that comprise the United Arab Emirates, is opening up to another first in the world. It is because by July this year, passenger drones […]

Kabayan Party List Harry Roque under fire for sexist comment

Kabayan party list representative Harry Roque got swarmed with negative comments on social media sites Facebook and Twitter. In a press conference Wednesday, Kabayan party list Harry Roque wagged his tongue longer than it should. He uttered a sexist remark towards Senator Leila de Lima. Roque asked why the lady […]

Youtube’s PewdiePie apologize then blames media

When a YouTube superstar is hit hard by presumed detractors and envious reporters by using the print and online media, what do observers and fans expect? That personality will answer. And answer back was what Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie did to dish out his apology shared to 53,320,211 of his […]

Wow Netizens react to Jollibee valentine series with mixed emotions

As the Jolliibee Valentine marketing series invade the fancy of netizens and become viral, it also brought in various reactions. These reactions swarm into various social network sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Down below we share selected reactions that range from funny and otherwise. A Youtube user posted […]

When you are at Cbanga360.net, you are on the safe side, our guarantee

Today, Cbanga360.net, (https://cbanga360.net) attained the full capability of serving the site’s content to its readers with guarantee of 100% security while surfing. At the back-end of this site is the Transport Layer Security (TLS), a “cryptographic protocol that provide communication security over a computer network.” TLS, and its predecessor, Secure […]

US President Barack Obama hosts virtual tour of the White House

Outgoing President of the United States (POTUS) Barack Obama, together with First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Michelle Obama, shares a candid tour of the White. The narrated tour The People’s House: Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama is delivered to the comfort of our living […]

Sexy dancer, rabid Duterte fanatic gets MTRCB post

Being a rabid fanatic, supporter and defender of President Rodrigo Duterte is a blessing in disguise. At least this is one windfall for Margaux Justiniano Uson also known as Mocha, the sexy dancer and blogger. She was appointed by Duterte as member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification […]

Thieves get hold of this device to unlock and steal vehicles

Don’t let bad guys get hold of this device to unlock and steal vehicles. The growing incidents of car thefts in the USA with the help of technology is something. It is actually alarming. Two years ago, the American public was warned about an electronic mystery device that allows thieves […]

As Vine say goodbye, Giphy welcome its stars and fanbase

Who will miss Vine? Many, among them the Pinoy fanbase, and more. This as Twitter already announced it will totally kill off the struggling short-form video sharing platform Vine in the coming months. It was brought about by the restructuring of the company which affected some 350 employees shown the […]

Pokemon Go a No! No! to Pentagon

MOSCOW, Aug. 17– The US Pentagon employees have been issued a ban on playing the global phenomenon game, Pokemon Go, on their work phones. amid fears of espionage. It follows reports that suggest the game could be used to pinpoint the locations of secure facilities. It has been revealed that […]

Prank calls congest hotlines ‘8888’ and ‘911’ on first day

Ninety-five pecent of the initial calls received for the government’s public service hotlines “8888” and “911” were, guess what, prank. On Tuesday, Philippine Long Distance Telephone company Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said, “Actually, we expected that (receiving many prank calls),” on the sidelines of the telco giant’s briefing on its […]

What will happen if user flags down a Facebook post?

Facebook users can flag or report any content, including Live videos in progress, as offensive for one of a variety of reasons, including that it depicts violence. Even a single report flag sends the content to be reviewed by Facebook’s Community Standards team, which operates 24/7 worldwide. These team members […]

What to avoid in posting live video on Facebook

All things said about posting live video and photos on Facebook, more so if it is graphic and shows violence has some perimeters to follow. So, here’s what to avoid in posting live video on the most popular social media sharing site in the internet. Active Facebook users might as […]

Yes, you can scan, copy PH peso and print it too

Have you tried making a copy of a Philippine currency, to be specific one in paper denomination? For the purpose of this article, we copied a P200 peso note. Then using an image manipulation app, we changed the dimension and image quality to poor (so we don’t get into any […]

DepEd, Microsoft collaborates to launch EGG

MANILA — The Department of Education has teamed up with Microsoft Philippines in launching the EGG, a self-contained classroom that could be set up in remote areas, filter its own water and generate power system and has internet connectivity. The EGG can accommodate more than 30 students and can be […]

Pinoy hackers take over, deface more websites

Check this out! Hackers striked back. This time, not only one but more websites were hacked and taken over, identifying themselves as ‘Pinoy Hackers.’ We sample one hacked site, http://www.fliptoplines.com and the defaced front page displays the message “Pinoy Hackers,” and with the message “Greetings Philippines! We are Pinoy Hackers. […]

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