Eight Indie Pinoy Films compete in World Premieres Film Festival in Manila


Sharing here the movie trailers of eight independent films in the Filipino New Cinema Section of the World Premieres Film Festival 2015.

The competing films include Alvin Yapan’s “Ang Kubo sa Kawayanan,” Nestor Aborgena’s “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa,” Will Fredo’s “Filemon Mamon,” Charliebebs Gohetia’s “I Love You. Thank You.”, Genesis Nolasco’s “Maskara,” Ruben Maria Soriquez’s “Of Sinners and Saints,” Carlos Morales’ “Piring,” and Jonah Lim’s “Sino Nga Ba Si Pangkoy Ong?”.

After starting with a presentation of the WPFF teaser, welcoming remarks were given by Teodoro C. Granado, the Executive Director of FDCP. He spoke of

The WPFF is a festival that celebrates the power of film by showcasing the works of critically acclaimed, upcoming film directors from across the globe with the mission of serving a growing number of film narratives in search of new avenues of exhibition. The Filipino New Cinema section as a newly added parallel section to the festival that highlights the premieres of films from fresh faces in current Philippine film industry.

The Filipino New Cinema section is unique in that their films will be premiering in the Philippines but in an atmosphere and setting of a international film festival with the opportunity for both Filipino and foreign audiences to view their works.

Filipino New Cinema: An Kubo sa Kawayanan Trailer
Directed by: Alvin Yapan

Director Alvin Yapan explained how his film “Ang Kubo sa Kawayanan” was inspired by the political writings of Jane Bennett, particularly “A Political Ecology of Things.” In his film, Michelle lives in her own special world where everything, both living and inanimate, has a relation with each other. He told how leading actress Mercedes Cabral overcame her fear of bugs and insects to shoot certain scenes in the film.

Filipino New Cinema: Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa
Directed: Nestor Abrogena

For “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa,” director Nestor Aborgena revealed that the teacher-student relationship depicted in the film was very loosely based on an experience he had in the past. The up close and personal love story between Sam, a filmmaker and instructor, and Isa, an aspiring writer and one of his undergraduates, is one of two people trying to navigate their love and figuring out what “the right thing” truly is.

Filipino New Cinema: Filemon Mamon
Directed: Will Fredo

The comedy “Filemon Mamon,” director Will Fredo explained, is an advocacy film about health. His story of an anti-hero and overweight high school student Filemon Mamon is a comedy that he has always wanted to do.

Filipino New Cinema: I love you. Thank You
Directed by: Charliebebs Gohetia

Director Charliebebs Gohetia was brief in his remarks, letting the trailer speak for itself. He said that the title “I Love You. Thank You.” were words spoken to him in a situation of unrequited love he experience that inspired his film.

Filipino New Cinema: Maskara
Directed by: Genesis Nolasco

Director Genesis Nolasco explained how “Maskara” is an advocacy film, warning viewers of issues on censorship and urging them to tirelessly discover the truth.

Of Sinners and Saints
Directed by Ruben Maria Soriquez

“Of Sinners and Saints,” according to director Ruben Maria Soriquez, was his first film that he shot in the Philippines and also the first film he both directed and starred in. He praised his film for having wonderful performances from his leading cast and also having a remarkable soundtrack composed by Franco Eco.

Filipino New Cinema: Piring
Director: Carlos Morales

Director Carlos Morales explained that “Piring” is his first directorial debut after having been working as an actor for many years. Following the struggles of pure-hearted James to support his family and go to school at the same time, the director said that he wanted to bring issues of poverty to the forefront with his film.

Filipino New Cinema: Sino Nga Ba si Pangkoy Ong
Directed by Jonah Lim

“Sino Nga Ba Si Pangkoy Ong?” was inspired by people director Jonah Lim knew in real life. The comedy about blackmailing the author whose pseudonym is Pangkoy Ong unexpectedly touches on various social issues in the Philippines and the world when the trio attempts to write a book like the author. The director said that the film was very casually shot among friends and was his first venture into comedy.

After Executive Director Granados thanked the press, directors, and cast for coming to the event and then gave the closing remarks, the Gala Premiere dates of each film were announced.

The Gala Premieres of the films will take place at SM North EDSA. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, June 25
5:00PM Sino nga ba si Pangkoy Ong?
7:00PM Ang Kubo sa Kawayanan

Friday, June 26
5:00PM Maskara
7:00 PM Piring
8:00PM I Love You. Thank You.

Saturday, June 27
5:00PM Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa
7:00 PM Filemon Mamon
8:00 PM Of Sinners and Saints

The WPFF Awards Night will take place Sunday, June 28, 6:00PM at a venue to be determined. Note: Text and video contents from the site of World Premiere Film Festival 2015.


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