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Corn farmers are getting small financing scheme thru credit card

12 Mar , 2017  

Corn farmers are getting introduced to small financing scheme using the credit card. This came about with the collaboration of Monsanto Philippines and Metrobank with the launch of Dekalb Mlite, touted as the first credit card facility for corn farmers in the country. ATPV 2,391

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Facebook shares hoax on alleged burning of Christian churches in India

25 Jan , 2017  

Users of the Facebook ecosystem once more get affronted with not one, but many fake news on a daily basis. Currently being tossed (read shared) by some is this hoax about the Christian churches being burned or set to be put on fire in India. Yes, Facebook allows the sharing of a hoax on alleged […]

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More major quakes expected any day now around the world

28 Aug , 2016  

Experts warn that an even worse disaster is imminent as the planet is overdue for a high-magnitude earthquakes along the Earth’s largest fault lines, even as Italy was devastated last week with hundreds of lives lost already. On Saturday, two earthquakes hit the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, a senior disaster management official said. […]

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You won’t believe what this Barnowl had been through lately

30 Dec , 2015  

You won’t believe what this Barnowl had been through, lately. The bird, a Barnowl, was rescued by ‪‎WildlifeSOS‬ Rapid Response Unit recently from Agra, India. The owl was found choking with a thread in its throat. After repeated xrays, it was found that the animal had ingested something wrapped in a thread which was entangled […]

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Amitabh the blind bear rings bell for Christmas

25 Dec , 2015  

Amitabh, the blind bear, rings the bell in time for the holiday season. Of course, more than ready to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. The handicapped animal lives in an enclosure at the Abra Bear Rescue Facility. The program is part of the Wildlife SOS advocacy project with main ‘operations’ in India. The organisation […]

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World is getting crowded as India overgrows China in population

24 Dec , 2015  

Not very surprising to know but still is worth getting a second look here. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) released information that the world population will increase from 7.2 billion in 2014 to 9 billion in 2040. With India becoming the most populous country in 2026, surpassing China, OPEC said in its […]

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India PM says ‘climate change pact no winners or losers’

14 Dec , 2015  

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described the landmark climate change deal reached in Paris last night as the victory of “climate justice” and said there are no winners or losers in the outcome. He appreciated how every country rose to the challenge for reaching the agreement at the Conference of Parties (COP)-21 and said […]

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