2.5M Domestic Helpers Get Protection from RA 10361

2012_0927_boymarketAn estimated 2.5 million domestic workers around the country will now get PhilHealth coverage, thanks to the signing into law of Republic Act number 10361.

The new law specifically aims to protect the welfare of all domestic workers. It defines the labor rights as well as standardizes wage and entitle workers to social protection benefits which include health insurance coverage under the umbrella of the Philippine Health Insurance program.

The law provides PhilHealth coverage for domestic househelps including their legal spouse, children under 21 years of age and parents 60 years old and over.

But PhilHealth coverage will not come free. For workers earning below P5,000.00 employers are burdened to shoulder annual premiums which could be payable also in installment plans of either quarterly or semi-annual.

Workers interested to get PhilHealth coverage will have to comply with and satisfy the requirements of the health care system. Interested parties are directed to contact the nearest PhilHealth office in their area for comprehensive information and guidance. (With report from PNA)


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