Bicol’s version of Pisa tower is the leaning belfry of Bombon

Bicol’s version of Pisa tower is the leaning belfry of Bombon. If Italy has its leaning tower of Pisa, Bicol can rightfully claim it has got one! It is in Bombon.

Less than 10 kilometers from the bustling business center of Naga city in Camarines Sur, the town of Bombon can be reached thru public land transportation (jeepneys) that ply the routes of Naga to Calabanga, Tinambac and Siruma.

Bicol's version of Pisa tower is the leaning church belfry of Bombon Photo credit: Bob Adupe /

The only Catholic parish of the small municipality is located in the town center, a neighbor to the public elementary school, the municipal building and market.

The parish of Our Lady of the Rosary and its belfry used to be managed by Franciscan friars based in Quipayo. It was formed as an independent parish in 1804 under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was Fray Juan de la Torre, O.F.M., the first pioneering parish priest that started the construction of the church. Another priest, Fray Jose Ribaya, O.F.M., was able to finish the constuction of the parish convent.

One has to physically see and appreciate the structures, though. Did our photo give justice to what we want to portray? Photo credit: Bob Adupe /

Bombon is a tiny settlement, when compared with other municipalities of the province. It was founded as a visita, part of the Spanish town of Quipayo. In its long years of history, Bombon, together with Quipayo became part of Calabanga.

Up until the American liberation, just after near-conclusion of the Filipino-Spanish war, that it became a self-governing unit only to become part of the town of Calabanga in 1903.

By some force of reorganization, Bombon was ceded to the town of Magarao for about forty years. Only on July 27, 1949 by virtue of Executive Order 251 signed by then President Elpidio Quirino that the tiny principality gained its full status as a town.

The municpality of Bombon has a population of 15,437 as of the 2010 official census. It is a 5th class municipality in terms of local revenues.

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