DSWD Remind EPals Leave 4Ps Alone

Kids mind their own play on the foreground as parent-beneficiaries of the 4Ps wait for turn at the Octagon building in Calabanga where DSWD personnel distribute cash.

Sorsogon city, Sorsogon – Department of Social Welfare and Development regional public affairs office chief for Bicol Agnes Mayor divulged that some local politicians in the province have been causing confusions among beneficiaries of the 4Ps. She cautioned some have been causing confusions among beneficiaries of the 4Ps by spreading misinformation that they dictate how the project in their localities are implemented.

Mayor said, E-Pal politicians are impressing upon the public that they could remove beneficiaries from the list or include those who want to avail themselves of the benefits of the program with the government’s conditional cash transfer program under its anti-poverty campaign.

These epals are obviously after the votes they would be able to convince by misinformation.

The province has a total of 53,726 beneficiaries distributed among its local government government units of 14 municipalities and one city.

“What is very clear in 4Ps is that no municipal and city mayor or even governor is given the power or authority.
These conditions state children of the beneficiaries must regularly go to school 85 per cent of the school time. They must receive vaccinations and visit the health center for regular check-ups and treatments as parents must attend responsible parenthood seminars, mother’s classes and parent effectiveness seminars.

Household that comply with the requirement receives monthly cash subsidy allocation to a maximum of P1,400. Beneficiaries will continue enjoying monthly benefit until the program is terminated.


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