Russia to provide additional humanitarian aid to PH if needed

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The Russians are leaving. “Our relief mission in the Philippines is over for now,” Deputy Emergencies Minister Vladimir Stepanov said on Saturday. “We arrived in the country, considered all questions of assistance to rescuers and medics, and discussed all options of using a mobile hospital and providing humanitarian aid.”

The Russian Emergencies Ministry official left an assurance they will provide additional humanitarian aid to the typhoon-stricken Philippines if so requested.

The Philippine authorities opted for relief supplies and “we delivered 56 tons of food,” Stepanov said, adding that on the way back the plane picked up Russians who could not leave the country on their own.

“I think we have fulfilled all of our tasks. We agreed with the Philippine authorities that if there are requests for humanitarian aid, we will respond,” Stepanov said.

The Russian aid came in with their planes and delivered over 56 tons of relief items, including canned meat and fish, as well as sugar for the typhoon-ravaged country.

He noted that the ministry would bring Russian citizens back from the Philippines if they need help.

Earlier on November 10th Russia made it known that they will send a team of 200 rescuers to the Philippines stricken by the devastating typhoon if a formal request is made, a spokesperson for the Emergency Situations Ministry said.

That time it said that six planes, including four Il-76 heavy transport planes, are preparing to fly to the Philippines. Six canine teams could be also deployed to assist operations in collapsed buildings, the spokesperson said.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry and the federal agency for tourism, up to 150 Russian citizens may have been affected by the typhoon, which is believed to have killed at least 10,000 people on the hardest-hit Leyte Island.

Later on November 12th it was confirmed Russia has sent two planes carrying medical aid to the Philippines.

News was reiterated that Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry was sending humanitarian aid to the Philippines, meant for all those who were hurt in the devastating Typhoon Haiyan, Deputy Chief of the National Centre for Emergencies Management at the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry Oleg Voronov said.

The Ilyushin-76 planes were carrying doctors, rescuers and psychologists to support relief efforts in the Philippines, said Oleg Voronov, deputy head of Russia’s Emergencies Ministry’s crisis center.

The planes will make two stopovers for refueling – in Krasnoyarsk and in Khabarovsk,” he added.

The Russian rescuers and doctors en route to the typhoon-stricken areas of the Philippines have been provided with advanced equipment and all-terrain vehicles, which will allow them to operate autonomously.


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  1. As early as the 10th of Novermber, have read much about russia sending a mobile hospital, plus team of quick responders, doctors, etc. What happened? Was it true that PH opted for relief goods, etc,, and none of the offered help as mentioned on the news. Why??????

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