20 Towns and Cities Over One Third of Bicol Population

In the official national census conducted for May of 2010, twenty Bicol cities and towns registered a total count of 2,051,067 equivalent to over one third or 37.84% of the regional total.

Eight of these cities and municipalities has population exceeding the 100,000 population mark.

The eight cities and municipalties are as follows: Legazpi city, capital of Albay province (ALB), 182,201; then Naga city, 174,931; Sorsogon city, capital of Sorsogon province (SOR) 155,144; Tabaco city (ALB) 126,083; Daraga (ALB) 115,804; Iriga city (CAS) 105,919; Ligao city (ALB) 104,914; and Libmanan (CAS) 100,002. The total of 1,063,998 is about one fourth or 19.63% of Bicol’s population

The remaining towns in the list are: Daet, capital town of Camarines Norte (CAN) 96,572; Bulan (ALB) 93,943; Labo (CAN) 92,041; Masbate city, capital of Masbate province (MAS) 85,227; Polangui (ALB) 82,307; Pili, capital town of Camarines Sur (CAS) 82,307; Nabua (CAS) 80,111; Calabanga (CAS) 78,119; Aroroy (MAS) 76,139; Guinobatan (ALB) 75,967; Buhi (CAS) 73,809; and, Libon (ALB) 71,527.

Average population growth rate with reference years between 1990 to 2010 showed that Pili town topped the list with the highest at 2.27% followed by Naga city with 2.10%, Legazpi city 2.06%, Sorsogon city 1.94%, Tabaco city 1.91%, Masbate city 1.88%, Ligao city 1.86%, Calabanga 1.84%, Daet 1.83%, Aroroy 1.82%, Iriga city 1.79%, Bulan 1.75%, Daraga 1.62%, Polangui 1.46%, Nabua 1.38%, Labo 1.35%, Libmanan 1.28%, Buhi 1.26%, Guinobatan 1.25%, and Libon 0.86%.

The growth rate profile gives us an idea that in the next census, the population of Pili will exceed that of Libmanan while Calabanga will surpass that of Nabua.

Bicol has six provinces, 6 component cities, 1 independent component city and 107 municipalities.

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