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When you are at Cbanga360.net, you are on the safe side, our guarantee

Today, Cbanga360.net, (https://cbanga360.net) attained the full capability of serving the site’s content to its readers with guarantee of 100% security while surfing. At the back-end of this site is the Transport Layer Security (TLS), a “cryptographic protocol that provide communication security over a computer network.” TLS, and its predecessor, Secure […]

It is summer, Clivia Miniata blooms

Seven years in a row, our lily house plant consistently blooms. We are referring to the Clivia Miniata, also known as Natal Lily, bush lily or Kaffir lily. From just one plant nine years ago, it spawned a new offspring after five years which was transplanted to a new pot. […]

The spring blossoms of Jacaranda

The Jacaranda shrub/tree spring blossoms this time of year in some parts of the world. The sight of its purple blue flowers in big bunches hung in branches is quite overwhelming. Streets are lined on both sides of these trees in full bloom get transformation of some sort. But usually, […]

Map integration test on some posts, NOAH features addition

This is another heads up on the back side of this site, on what the team has been up to lately. But of course, the output can be seen on the post pages upfront. Map integration was finally tested. While concern it might contribute or add to site lagging, the […]

Introducing NOAH, news one and half, The Satire Journal

Introducing and please welcome NOAH. Newest to debut in our topics and categories is our “NOAH,” news one and half, the satire journal, the comic and satire on politics, events and objects, personalities included, with pun always an intention. In Bicol, we refer to its undertone with “Borobentot, an tamaan […]

Web sites finally integrates Google custom search engine

After relying on built-in functionality provided by the current and previous WordPress themes in searching the archives, both websites The Bicol Street Journal and The Bulletin Today (now deactivated as of January 2015) has the Google search engine fully integrated and working perfectly well. The search, though, limit results to […]

Ginger is a lingering joy by simply being around

For sometime now, Ginger has appeared in various instances on this site. Ginger is the apple of our eyes for quite four years now. Considered as a little princess in the household, she is a lingering source of joy by simply being around. Adopted in September 2011, she perfectly adjusted […]

Some good things don’t last forever, change has to takeover

Some good things do not last forever. At least in our experience sharing the driver seat of “Cbanga360.net” and the “The Bulletin Today.com”. To our loyal readers and friends, this post is our way of sharing and breaking the upcoming update on changes of the sites, from layout to content […]

APEC cuts off electric service of MPCF-Legazpi

APEC cuts off electric service of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation – Legazpi Legazpi City, Jan 9 — Albay Power and Energy Corporation finally disconnected the electric service to the entire campus of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation in Barangay Rawis here, on Wednesday at about 10 o’clock in the morning. The […]

How I Grow and Sprout Mongo Beans

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 10, Video 9 Road to Raw Foods share how to grow and sprout mongo beans in six days. Growing mongo sprouts, also known as mung or moong bean or green gram or golden gram, is a fun learning process. Here, Danton shoot the videos on […]

Watch How I Make Almond Milk

Road to Raw Food(s) Episode 9. Video 8 Watch this video as Road to Raw Food shares how to make a homemade, healthy and non-animal sourced, plant-based Almond milk. Procedure and Recipe: Thoroughly wash 1/2 cup of Almond. Soak overnight. Using any blender, place the soaked 1/2 cup of almond […]

How I make sweet potato top leaves salad

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode, 8 Video 7 In this continuing series Danton makes use of kamote top leaves (fresh organic and very green top leaves of sweet potato, also known as talbos ng kamote or ugbos nin kamote) as the main ingredient of a healthy, almost raw, and very […]

Unboxing Vitamix Professional Series 200

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 6, Video 5 A Fathers Day Gift: Unboxing Vitamix Professional Series 200 Watch here as Road to Raw Foods un-box a new blender, the Vitamix Professional Series 200 which is a Father’s Day gift. To all fathers, Happy Fathers Day. VIEWS: 3,748

How I make Sweet Potato & Mint Tea

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 5, Video 4 On this installment of “Road To Raw Food,” join host Danton as he presents his way of making Kamote (Sweet Potato) top leaves and Mint leaves into tea powder. Plus a hint in making Pineapple crown leaves into tea powder, too. Presented […]

Who “Punked” my fruits and vegetables?

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 4 After the usual task of cleaning newly purchased fruits (which are unbelievably still firm and hard to the touch) and amazing crisp vegetables in our futile attempt at removing or wiping out whatever harmful preservative agent sprayed on it (see related video-article here How […]

How I clean & wash my fruits and vegetables

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 3, Video 3: Rush transcript: Hello, this is Danton here. I am gonna show how I clean my vegetables and fruits. After buying the item or items from the supermarket, palengke or fruit and vegetable stands I do not just stash them on the table […]

Raw vegetable and fruit smoothie

Road to Raw Food(s); Episode 2, Video 2 I will show how I make healthy raw vegetable food dietary supplement here. On the previous post on how to peel and cut pineapple fast and easy I made a loud hint on this. This first short post and video is a […]

Peel and cut pineapple fast and easy

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 1, Video 1 Watch this video, our take of how to peel and cut pineapple fast and easy. So novice and clumsy, though. Actually, this is a prelude to more videos that will delve on healthy raw vegetable foods supplement preparation. VIEWS: 3,371

Echinopsis cactus surprise summer bloom

Echinopsis cactus surprise summer bloom. This angiosperm in the family of Cactodeae, specifically in the genus Echinopsis, was first nortured starting with just one tiny “bulb”. Easy to grow with no special care, and handling involved, the plant needs less watering, and grows better alternately under the sun, and under […]

May Flower Field

An array of flowers in a wide field up for picking or just to appreciate. Our “May Flower Field” slideswhow presentation in high definition. Or view the slideshow on YouTube channel on this link: May Flower Field. VIEWS: 3,528

Golden Rice poses risk to environment, human health – Greenpeace

Behind its proponents’ hype that it is a high-tech, quick-fix solution to Vitamin A deficiency, the genetically engineered (GE) “Golden Rice” is environmentally irresponsible, poses risks to human health and could compromise food, nutrition and financial security, Greenpeace International has declared. Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that acts […]

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