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Marking a Milestone in Chronicling Bicol and Nat Gov@360

We are jubilant in marking the coming out of Cbanga360.Net – The Bicol Street Journal in the Bicol internet scene scraping any informative thought into written and conversational piece beginning in 2010, but after the first “great posts” were seen on the Google hosted free blogspot.com. in late semester of […]

Once Upon A Flight to Taiwan And Related Memories

Back during the days when the governments of the Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of China in Taiwan were in very good and cordial terms, we had that opportunity of visiting Taipei and surrounding communities. The short plane flight from Manila to Taipei was a respite from the […]

Living by the Hillside Provides a Healthful Respite

“The real reason for physical fitness goes beyond the benefits one accrues from a healthy lifestyle,” is a famous line by Richard H. Utt. I personally believe it could be the dogma of every person who believes that Life is the most precious gift given by GOD. Therefore, it is […]

Poetry is a Part of Literature That is Now Going Passe?

Poetry is a part of literature that is now going passe. Gone were the days when poetry reading was once a part of grand occasions looking back into our Hispanic heritage. It is even getting less and less popular among students what with their current interest. Something understandable, as technology […]

Focus on Qualities of A Good Teacher

One week after the grand school opening hereabout, we expect students and teachers will have started slowly settling into their comfort zones. I should know. I am a classroom teacher for more than two decades in different private schools in Legazpi city and Rizal province. At one time and for […]

Fiesta Days Are Here Again in Calabanga

“Oh, Calabanga, gem of the province, We will stand with pride and dignity, We will watch your fragile beauty, With much love and care . . . ” The song goes on a never ending refrain as it brings in a hundred and one memories; some happy and some sad. […]

CBSUA: A University in Metamorphosis

The conversion of CSSAC into CBSUA has made a tremendous grandeur for my Alma Matter, a far cry from what I had known during the CSAC days. The new University is expected to provide technological science including education, arts, and science.

Goodbye, MyBlogLog Community

With this post, we say goodbye to our handful of friends in the MyBloglog community. Early in February, this writer received a notice from Yahoo that the service is closing. To some who found enough friends and interacted for some time on various issues and field of interest, its bowing out in the social networking arena will be missed.

Pope John Paul II: A Personal Glimpse

I strongly believe one of the most beloved pope in the world is Pope John Paul II. He visited the Philippines twice. The first historic and memorable visit to the city of Legaspi was on February 21, 1981. He made a return trip to the country during the World Youth Day Celebration in January 12-16, 1995 in Manila.

Semana Santa- A Yearly Exodus for a Calabangueño

Semana santa is a tradition deeply rooted in the heart of every Calabangueño. The holy event is ever so old and yet always new. The Calabangueño reflects in solitude, in sanctity and in seclusion. Deep in his heart finds joy and anticipation of the filial, friendly and Godly devotion renewed and refreshed by the holy week celebration. Thus, it tugs him to go on a yearly exodus he just wouldn’t want to miss.

What’s in a Name or Nickname?

The giving of nickname is popular among Bicolano families. Or I would rather say a part of our culture. I grew up in a family where calling someone the real name is a “crime” for a seemingly unsound connotation.

Hurray to 2011, to Our Friends and Readers

After seventeen months into our non-regular, sometimes semi-hibernation style in blogging about Calabanga and many things Bicol, we come up with this summary update: Covered over 210 individual and combined postings, with the 100th entry going online on August 2010.

Adding Ease of Use on Desktop Functionality

Taking time out writing blog by changing desktop make-up and functionality for ease of use. With all the thousands of files saved on folders and subfolders, it takes awhile looking for particular saved material on my notebook.

Something Happened on the Way to the Forum

Something happened during the past few days on the backside of this blog, Cbanga360(dot)net. And it was not funny at all. This writer got distraught had to stop writing post while thinking of the worst possibility- online posts, comments, images, data, may be lost forever if its repository- the SQL database get affected.

Orchids Mark Our First Year

The orchids bloom this time at our sister’s Legazpi frontyard are remarkable. Her residence with a certain degree of elevation due to the hillside location of the housing district gives ample growth area for the aerial plants.

Cbanga360: One Year and Counting

Cbanga360, the street journal about Calabanga and many things Bicol, was one idea of how to fill dull days into something worth productive. It turned out, the process of maintaining the blog, i.e., writing posts consume our time coupled with leg work, research, coordination and much more.

Positive Change Sweeps Cbanga360

One big change in the layout came about with the quick approval from Google Adsense. Expect there would be more changes in our endeavor to improve Cbanga360 which may include opening our doors to contributors, more responsive articles, a forum, etc. For this, we always maintain a positive outlook.

Blog Comments, Missing or Not the Correct Count

Just noticed this morning older posts (those beyond the home page/first page) with comments from friends and visitors who dropped by are either lost or not counted as it displays “0” (zero) or “1” by merely looking at the bottom of the post. I tested clicking on the comment link and would lead me to the window that displays the comments.

Cbanga360 Followers Appreciation Day

How many times would I tell myself that if ever I follow one’s blog, it is because the contents strike a strong and compelling interest that make me check it out on a regular basis and not just to reciprocate a friendly gesture.

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