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Watch the 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant trailer

Watch 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant trailer. Sharing and watch here the 63rd annual Miss Universe pageant trailer. The tenure of reigning Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler of Venezuela was over extended beyond one year. Logically, the 63rd Miss Universe pageant will crown the new (sic) “Miss Universe 2014” but […]

Facebook to sanitize newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes

What’s new on Facebook? Facebook to sanitize newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes. The giant social network site is more intent than ever in sanitizing its unstoppable newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes, scams like deliberate false or untrue news stories. But instead of reviewing content and determine on the accuracy, Facebook […]

PH Pope mobile impresses Pope Francis, going to Vatican

PH Pope mobile impresses Pope Francis, going to Vatican. If unconfirmed report is true, the jeep-inspired pope mobile that was used by Pope Francis on his recent Apostolic Visit to the Philippines from Jan. 15 to 19, 2015 is heading to Rome. Perhaps, the Pinoy-made car specially designed for the […]

Skiplagged founder raises over $50-K for legal defense

The 22-year old Aktarer Zaman finds himself being sued by United Airlines and online travel agency Orbitz for putting up a website that helps travelers buy cheaper flight tickets. The young Zaman of New York city opened the website Skiplagged.com which navigates into “hidden city” ticketing in providing people with […]

PLDT sucks in customer service

PLDT sucks in customer service. Calabanga, CAMSUR — The new year of 2015 is seen to augur inspiration and hope for many of us. But if the new year is epitomized in telecom service like the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), then it doesn’t look good at all. Before […]

Big network earns $25-million from anti-piracy suit

One of the Philippine’s leading media conglomerate earns another favorable ruling for its anti-piracy cases. This time it is worth $25 million! The media group of ABS-CBN Corporation, ABS-CBN Film Productions (Star Cinema) and ABS-CBN International received a judgment for $25 million in the U. S. Federal Court in the […]

Organizers launch mobile app on Papal visit in 2015

There is no question about it. The fast approaching Papal visit in 2015 is catching up by leaps and bounds among Pinoys. Now add another topping to that. Organizers of the visit launched on Friday a mobile and tablet app for the general public’s consumption. Chairman of the committee on […]

ABS-CBN files $12-M suit against online pirates

OFWs, netizens and those watching popular television shows and programs for free using their personal computers or laptops, has to read this. TV-movie conglomerate ABS-CBN Corporation, ABS-CBNfilm Productions, Inc. and ABS-CBN International has filed suit in US Federal District Court in Florida against 18 pirate sites for damages of over […]

Pope Francis Manila itinerary, P-Noy to Singapore, real property tax of IPP, state employee’s 13th month pay

This is the Itinerary of Pope Francis’ visit in PH. Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle formally announced the itinerary of much-awaited apostolic visit on January 15-19, 2015 byPope Francis. According to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Pope Francis will arrive Manila in the morning of January 15 […]

Pinoy Mobile app ARKO wins international award

The Philippines’ mobile app ARKO by the Project Noah wins an award from the World Summit Awards Mobile Content 2014. Together with ColorADD from Portugal, Braille Board from Palestine, SnooCode of Ghana, and LIVOX of Brazil, the winners share the top honors under the e-Inclusion and Empowerment category, besting hundreds […]

Watch: NASA’s Orion spacecraft on trial by fire

As the flight test of United States’ NASA Orion spacecraft nears, a new video — called “Trial By Fire” — details the spacecraft’s test and the critical systems engineers will evaluate during the Dec. 4 flight. Orion is in the final stages of preparation for the unmanned (uncrewed) flight test […]

Smart offers 66 million subscribers free internet access

Wireless services leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) with Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular announced recently that they will start providing free Internet access to their prepaid subscriber base via their mobile phones. Through this special offer, all of the 66 million Smart Prepaid, Talk ‘N Text, and Sun Cellular […]

Watch a celestial treat of Starrynights on timelapse video

Want to see a night treat gazing at the stars far beyond our sun. Well, this one might as well be a huge helping. Thanks to the StarryNights, some of the largest observatories in time-lapse from Jan Hattenbach, a collection of astronomical videos recorded of the last three years by […]

Planet Earth’s largest spacecraft welding tool

Planet Earth’s largest spacecraft welding tool for space launch system is the Vertical Assembly Center. A 16mm fisheye lens was used to show a wide angle view of the Vertical Assembly Center at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Sept 12. The VAC is part […]

New Microsoft Windows 8 OS Release on October 26th

We are on the look out for the coming release of Windows 8, the next operating system (OS) from Microsoft. Two weeks ago, enthusiasts and avid fans of the OS started placement reservation of packaged DVD of the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for estimated retail price of USD69.99 at […]

Mobile Devices With Internet Connectivity Call for Security

(NewsUSA) – With the wealth of internet activity and connected communications offered by smartphones and tablets, our laptops and desktop computers are practically becoming passé. This means your “cell phone” isn’t just a phone anymore, your tablet isn’t just for reading the latest romance novels, and it’s giving software and […]

The PC is on its Way to the Exit Door, Long Live the PC

We read articles by well-informed techno-pundits prognosticate about the era of the personal computer on its way to the exit door, I tell pray that not in the next few years, please. I have just acquired an HP pavilion dm4-3055dx notebook entertainment PC powered with 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2430M […]

Mac OS X Fixes New Trojan

On the first week of February, 2012, we were able to complete installation of the new internet security program on five notebooks and two desktops running the Windows operating system in our network. There is no better way to safeguard the machines but make a sizeable investment. It also gives […]

On Privacy, Google and Trackers While Surfing the Web

After the freaky February 29, 2012 deadline, the behemoth Google start churning in data gathered from online user’s activity across its different sites 24 hours non-stop. Previous to that, users received or read notifications about the change in its privacy practices. Onward, user’s activity will get a destination bucket for […]

Twitter Introduces Filipino Translation of Tweets

It is more of affirmation than surprise that more Filipinos are on board the social microblogging network of Twitter. The Pinoy penchant for technology and innovation in communication, among others, is a common knowledge. Here’s a new development. Twitter announced on 1st of August that its translation center is now available for Filipino and Malay languages.

PH Losing Grip as Text Messaging Capital of the World

Many Pinoys feel a sense of pride upon learning that the Philippines has been acknowledged the text messaging capital of the world in the past years. It is of no wonder since in one household, almost all members of the family that can read and write, therefore can text, have a cellphone for the purpose. But wait, there could be a looming change on this.

Something Happened on the Way to the Forum

Something happened during the past few days on the backside of this blog, Cbanga360(dot)net. And it was not funny at all. This writer got distraught had to stop writing post while thinking of the worst possibility- online posts, comments, images, data, may be lost forever if its repository- the SQL database get affected.

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