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The Almost Forgotten Town of Siruma

The quaint, little and big town of Siruma lies on the northeastern section of Camarines Sur, much properly on a peninsula jutting out to the sea. Its shores is lapped by the cool waves of the Pacific, while the inland territory is generally of mountainous terrain abundantly sun-basked.

Bench at the Calabanga Plaza is a Mute Witness of Time

Fifty eight years last month, in November 18, 1952, the former mayor of Calabanga town unveiled a donation of a (cement) bench located at the plaza. Now with the onslaught of change and modest modernization, the bench still occupies its original location. But it has served its purpose and the passage of time clearly made its mark.

Portrait of a Calabangueño as an Artist

During his elementary days, one would see him at their home front sari-sari store sketching komiks (yes, komiks was so popular that time) characters like the famous “Palos” and many more, honing his skills. At an early age he has shown the propensity and inclination for the visual arts, just […]

Bicol River Basin is a Repository of Failed Programs

Here and now, the Bicol river’s name was for the second time used in disgrace, shame and shambles. The unfinished dam will remain the tangible evidence to this for people to see in the years to come. As always, failures leave behind some ugly memorials.

The Mother and Queen of All Rivers in Southern Luzon

Easily, then, Bicol river is both the queen and mother of all rivers in southern Luzon due to its size and influence. It holds sway and impact on the fertile and floodplains of the provinces, dictating the state of economic well-being and status affecting thousands of lives of people- including farmers, fisherfolks, travellers, etc., around its sphere of natural terrain.

Crossing the Bicol River via Balongay

The banca operator is so experienced he managed to device a system of not going straight ahead after departing from Balongay but instead maneuvers a sharp curved route to curtail the push and shove of the current. Imagine being in a crib on a rocking motion. Just looking at the transport boat, do not expect amenities of comfort for the seat will be a piece of bamboo pole nailed across its rim.

Stepping Into the Real Balongay

At the edge of the river bank, a waiting shade serves as the landing-terminal point for arriving and departing passengers. One can let time pass just by sitting on the steps or on the cement seats. I did just that and kept awed and bewildered at how huge and overwhelming the Bicol river is.

Balongay and the Bridge of Broken Dream

Then I heard about the skyway bridges that will span the river, connecting the towns of Libmanan and Canaman. The structure will be built much farther inside and farther from Balongay. The loss of Calabanga and Cabusao became the gain of Libmanan and Canaman. Lucky folks of these towns.

A Monument to a Beloved Son

One Calabangueno stand tall and proud on a pedestal facing what used to be the town plaza (up until the construction of the multi-purpose Octagon edifice) for many decades now. He is Emilio Tible, Sr., or should be rightfully referred to as the monument erected and dedicated in his honor […]

Remembering Calabanga, Part 1

When I remember my hometown, Calabanga, it is always summer. It is a small town at the foot of the overwhelming Isarog, which is lapped by the San Miguel bay. The town is a lovely place where the skies are bluer than I’ve ever seen them anywhere and the sea is as calm as a still night and overpowering when angry.

The Fifteen Bicol Martyrs of 1897

The story of the Bicol martys began with the discovery of the Katipunan secret society. And the message sent by then Manila-based Governor-General Blanco to all civil governors precipitated mass arrests throughout the country.

What Could be Done Better with the Inarihan Dam

This is the lock of the Inarihan dam located in barangay (village) Binaliw of Calabanga constructed many decades ago.

The THIRIS covers the watershed areas of Tigman, in the towns of Calabanga and Tinambac, Hinagyanan and Inarihan, both in Calabanga, with a total land service area of 3,542 hectares (8,752.47 acres.)

The Majestic Mayon Volcano in Albay

With its towering height of 8,077 feet (2,462 meters), the almost perfect-coned volcano is the main tourist attraction of the province and the regions’ natural wonder.

But don’t be guiled with its beauty and charm, for it has erupted times too many since its first recorded activity in 1776. The most destructive was in 1814 when the town of Cagsawa was buried under its mudflows and only the church belfry was left standing. The town was later relocated into what is now the bustling trade center of Daraga.

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