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In Binanuaanan, Women Are from Mars and Men from Venus

Being the first chance to visit the barangays of Binanuaanan, an eerie feeling there will be less encounter with the general populace of the area was filling us. But some information and direction about the place had to be sourced. Definitely, there will be a conversation between the unwelcomed visitor […]

The Topsy Turvy Road System of Binanuaanans

On the day and time we were supposed to depart for the twin barangays of Binanuaanan in upland Calabanga, rain poured in abundance it was more than enough to give us a good bath. We had to cancel the trip. The next day, the weather was a complete opposite. We […]

First Jose Rizal Bust Was Installed In the town of Siruma?

One school day of 1934, the residents of barrio Vito in the town of Siruma, installed on a pedestal a bust of a national hero at the school grounds of Vito Elementary School. The event was attended by most of the locals including the teachers and pupils of the school. […]

The Bolaobalite of My Father Recalled

Even as I have discussed and recalled memories, stories and current events about Siruma, I kept missing one more place much nearer our residence and of my father’s hometown. In a way, it is my third hometown, though. I am referring to Bolaobalite, which immediately stirred a chord in my […]

Bicol Teachers College and High School Trained Good Graduates

There must be rich memories spun and created behind the Bicol Teachers College and Bicol High School that alumni of the defunct twin institutions in Calabanga town keep a semi-active reunion dates. This, despite the graduates are now octogenarians and many are in far off places or gone to their […]

9/17/1972 Live Blogging the Sorrows and Pains of Colgante Tragedy

Sunday, September 17, 1972. At a distance, yesterday, the Colgante bridge looked beautiful, with colorful buntings and lighted with different colored bulbs. As the day’s sun descended, the bridge’s silhuette on the Naga river provided a lovely backdrop for the still unfolding culmination of the Peñafrancia religious festivities.

9/16/1972 Live Blogging at the Colgante Bridge

Saturday, September 16, 1972. As the “vancuerna” of the images of the Virgin of Peñafrancia and the Divino Rostro passed under the bridge, the people became more excited and jostled for a good view. Some were praying the rosary, many were chanting “Viva La Virgen!!!” and “Viva El Divino Rostro!!”

The Bicol House Journal Debuts Monday

On Monday, we revive The Bicol House Journal on the online pages of Cbanga360. It will follow the same attitude and aspiration in publishing literary content as before. Looking back we republish here the idealism and objective of the BHJ: The Bicol House Journal is a modest attempt at publishing […]

Semana Santa- A Yearly Exodus for a Calabangueño

Semana santa is a tradition deeply rooted in the heart of every Calabangueño. The holy event is ever so old and yet always new. The Calabangueño reflects in solitude, in sanctity and in seclusion. Deep in his heart finds joy and anticipation of the filial, friendly and Godly devotion renewed and refreshed by the holy week celebration. Thus, it tugs him to go on a yearly exodus he just wouldn’t want to miss.

A Closer Look At A Calabangueño

You only have to set foot on Calabanga’s heart (the ever commotion-packed Parada) in order to know its language. “Oatat ka man magmarat nin iwos?” a Calabangueño would ask you if you are a stranger. Several dialects would come rushing into your mind but not a single word from the sentence just uttered would equal that which you think you know.

Reminiscing Calabanga

To her native sons and daughters, Calabanga is a beautiful town even if it seems slow in making progress. Many of its sons and daughters have left her to find their fortunes elsewhere or their particular place in the sun, but it is not a final breakaway.

Exposing The Other Side of Siruma

The town of Siruma boasts of white sand beaches almost equal to that of Caramoan’s. But wait, the beaches of Siruma languishes for attention and development. Camarines Sur has invested, time and resources for Caramoan’s development and Siruma is waiting.

Siruma: Faded Photographs and Fresh Memories

During a portion of the war years the governor of Camarines Sur was Mariano Villafuerte. Together with wife, Soledad, eldest son Manuel, Japanese military officer named Kwasima, Villafuerte took a motorboat from Sabang, Calabanga and landed at the barrio of Vito in Siruma. The fleeing governor was looking for an influential leader named Pedro P to seek aid and become his intermediary, but who left with his own family much earlier before their arrival.

The Almost Forgotten Town of Siruma

The quaint, little and big town of Siruma lies on the northeastern section of Camarines Sur, much properly on a peninsula jutting out to the sea. Its shores is lapped by the cool waves of the Pacific, while the inland territory is generally of mountainous terrain abundantly sun-basked.

Bench at the Calabanga Plaza is a Mute Witness of Time

Fifty eight years last month, in November 18, 1952, the former mayor of Calabanga town unveiled a donation of a (cement) bench located at the plaza. Now with the onslaught of change and modest modernization, the bench still occupies its original location. But it has served its purpose and the passage of time clearly made its mark.

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