Ngonian Sana Ngonian / Now and Only Now by Jap Adupe

10 May , 2015  

Ngonian Sana Ngonian / Now And Only Now By Jap Adupe Asin sinda magkaibahan kun kaya mientras an kamot kan relo nagpaypay, dai naheling, aram ninda mayo nanggad mangyayari sa saro na dai nangyari sa kaiba, na mayo nanggad na mangyayari sobra pa digde, na ini an gabos asin permi na, ini an nakaagui asin […]

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Retrospect: Luis G. Dato on Luis G. Dato

17 Apr , 2015  

How I Learned to Write Poetry I never took course in poetry writing, other than the prescribed courses in American and English Literature in high school and college. But I had written my early poems years before I took my college courses. By reading poems by Filipinos and by English, American and European poets, I […]

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