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The Majestic Mayon Volcano in Albay

With its towering height of 8,077 feet (2,462 meters), the almost perfect-coned volcano is the main tourist attraction of the province and the regions’ natural wonder.

But don’t be guiled with its beauty and charm, for it has erupted times too many since its first recorded activity in 1776. The most destructive was in 1814 when the town of Cagsawa was buried under its mudflows and only the church belfry was left standing. The town was later relocated into what is now the bustling trade center of Daraga.

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Move to boycott Albay power operator San Miguel Energy gains ground

Gov. Joey Salceda joins move to boycott payment to APEC LEGAZPI CITY, -– A boycott move against the San Miguel Energy Corp. (SMEC) is gaining ground as its newly acquired controversial Albay Electric Cooperative (Aleco), now named Albay Power and Energy Corp. (APEC), has yet to deliver its much-vaunted stable […]

City reroutes traffic as Yawa bridge project starts

LEGAZPI CITY -– Commuters traversing the Yawa bridge here better find an alternative route to avoid inconvenience. Starting Monday, August 6, a traffic rerouting affecting buses, trucks and delivery vans take effect as works on the bridge widening project starts. While the project has an allotment of P140 million approved […]

Forty Eight Bicol Towns Earn P2.5B in 2004

For the fiscal year of 2004, 48 Bicol towns out of 107 earned an income of P37M or more which totalled P2,478,990,989 out of the regional earnings of P3,951,780,429. Of these local government units, twenty breached the P50M yearly income while the reamaining 28 municipalities earned between P35 but less than P50M.

Proposed boulevard in north Legazpi city will boost tourism

LEGAZPI CITY -– The booming tourism industry here will get a boost as the city locates a new boulevard to be constructed in its northern part anytime next year after the completion of all the necessary requirements, permits and clearances, Mayor Noel E. Rosal said in an interview. The proposed […]

APEC delay on power restoration irks Albay governor

Albay governor Joey Salceda expressed irritation on the announcement of the Albay Power Energy Corp. (APEC) that the electricity supply in the entire province will be restored in October this year yet. The announcement crossed the eyebrows of consumers in the province. Salceda said Saturday he has asked the assistance […]

World Bank to finance Legazpi dump sites with P12-M grant

LEGAZPI CITY — The city government of Legazpi will soon receive a P12M grant from the World Bank to finance the closure and rehabilitation of an old dump site and the operation of an adjacent landfill in Banquerohan, here. Mayor Noel Rosal said on Monday a WB supervision team and […]

Bicol police chiefs sacked undergo refresher course

LEGAZPI CITY, June 23 (PNA) -– So, what has been done on the city and municipal police chiefs removed from their respective posts earlier reported here: PNP Bicol sacks police chiefs? The 22 chiefs of police sacked last week from their posts after failing the target policy output being implemented […]

Albay allocates P11M for upgrading of Legazpi airport

The domestic airport in Legazpi receives a boost from the provincial government of Albay with the allotment of P11 million for upgrading geared towards making the city a prospective gateway for chartered flights of foreign tourists. This was confirmed as the provincial legislature unanimously approved last week the allocation requested […]

ALECO Consumers Voted for Private Sector Management Instead of Coop to Coop Scheme

ALECO consumers voted for private sector management instead of Coop to Coop Scheme. The PSP proposal garnered 5,506 votes, over the coop-to-coop (C2C) scheme, which received 3,491 votes in Saturday’s referendum among member-consumers of Albay Electric Cooperative. Some 100,000 Aleco consumers were earlier expected to show up at the 23 […]

How Seven Bicol City LGUs Spent People’s Money in 2009

Presented here is a short discussion on how the seven Bicol city local government units prioritized expenditures for the welfare of its constituents. Like the provincial LGUs, selected were five current operating expenditures which ate up much of the operating income of, and by comparison with, all seven city local […]

Albay power blackout disrupted our lives, bigtime!

Legazpi City, Albay — Albay power blackout disrupted our lives, bigtime! On Wednesday, May 28 at about 9″00 o’clock AM the electiricity being supplied by Albay Power and Energy corporation (APEC) thru feeders 1, 2 ,3 and 4 in this city, suddenly went off. The APEC, (the company created with […]

20,000 sacks NFA rice, relief goods, spoil in Albay

Mention disaster preparedness and the province of Albay always comes to mind. But not all LGUs and government offices in the province “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” of the indefatigable governor Joey Sarte Salceda. In Tabaco, at least 21 sacks of rice and cartons of relief goods (noodles) […]

Watch a PAL Plane Takes Off from Legazpi Airport

Just uploaded an extended video of a Philippine Airlines plane taking off from Legazpi airport as viewed from the upper side of Ligñon hill. The unobstructed view was a welcome opportunity but somehow dampened by a cloudy sky. Still it was worth it. While the native sound was toned down […]

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Naga is richest city in Bicol region

Naga City, Bicol’s financial, business, educational and religious capital now has a total net worth of over P4.675 billion, making it the richest local government unit (LGU) in the region, according to the Commission on Audit (COA). The City of Ligao, in Albay province, followed far second, with a total […]

Annual Income of Bicol Cities and Provinces for 2006

But while Bicol LGUs earn millions (in pesos), it does not follow that the constituents are also that rich. On the contrary, not much has changed on more than majority of the people’s earnings and income. Many families are still below the poverty threshold level around the region. So that there is the strong contrast of the government awashed with money and the people stricken in poverty.

Albay plays host to 3 meets; will cost the government P18-M

LEGAZPI CITY — Secretary General Taleb Rifai of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) will arrive on Saturday to preside over the 26th Joint meeting of the UNWTO Commission for East Asia and the Pacific and the UNWTO Commission for South Asia. Rifai, a Jordanian national, will also preside […]

Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag Visits Albay Province

The venerated image of Nuestra Senora del Santisimo Rosario de Manaoag makes an extended whistle stop in the province of Albay beginning last Saturday, July 13 about 8:00 o’clock in the morning and ends today. The replica of the image now used in the pilgrim visits outside of Pangasinan reached […]

P50-M fund to kickstart construction of Yawa bridge now available

LEGAZPI CITY –- The public works and highways department is almost set to start the expansion to four lanes of the Yawa bridge here at a cost of P140 million. According to public works Bicol assistant regional director Armando Estrella, the initial amount of P50 million is now ready, hoping […]

Albay allocates P11M for upgrading of Legazpi airport

The domestic airport in Legazpi receives a boost from the provincial government of Albay with the allotment of P11 million for upgrading geared towards making the city a prospective gateway for chartered flights of foreign tourists. This was confirmed as the provincial legislature unanimously approved last week the allocation requested […]

Legazpi LGU Earns the Most Among Bicol Cities in FY2009

The local government unit of Legazpi city in Albay proved a notch better than Bicol’s only independent component city of Naga when it grossed higher in its total operating income for fiscal year 2009 by a margin of P31,291,467. Other local cities income rank in order from high to the […]

Albay Power Energy Corporation plunges Legazpi City, other towns in darkness

LEGAZPI CITY, Albay, June 1, 2014 — For four days now, the entire city of Legazpi including the towns of Sto. Domingo and Manito, are still plunged into total darkness by the Albay Power Energy Corporation. According to reports a 20-MVA power transformer of a sub-station of the electric service […]