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Camarines Sur Towns Earn More in 2002

This second post covers the year of 2002. Check out how towns, big and small, tumbled down in their rankings as others managed to stay on the top earning money and spending less. It is interesting to note how municipalities “played” with numbers in allocating tax money.

How CamSur Towns Fared On Their Annual Budget

We just got hold of information about income and expenditures of towns, cities and provinces. So this post begins a series related to that, and we will try to make the most logical presentation with analysis and comparison to better understand the data.

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Mayon disaster tourism has positive side

Even with the impending eruption of Mayon volcano, there are tell tale signs that disaster tourism has positive economic benefits to the province of Albay and Legazpi city. The national government thru its various national agencies are pouring millions of pesos as ready funds to finance expenditures and purchases of […]

PH economy projected to sustain 6.5% growth in 2014

MANILA, Jan. 6 — The country’s economy is projected to sustain a robust growth of 6.5 percent this year, slightly lower than the 2013 estimate of 6.75 percent, on the back of buoyant infrastructure investments and stronger consumption, according to a finance firm. “The administration’s main thrust is infrastructure spending […]

Sorsogon officials say Albay bloats disaster report

SORSOGON CITY – After the storm that hit the Bicol region comes the backlash. Sorsogon provincial officials accuses the Albay leadership of allegedly seeming and deliberate exaggeration and padding on estimated disaster report on the value of devastation wrought by Typhoon Glenda. Of the six Bicol provinces, Albay claimed to […]

How Bicol Provincial LGU’s Spent People’s Money in 2009

We are crunching figures here.  This time, we discuss how the six Bicol provinces spent the people’s money in 2009. Selected were five current operating expenditures which ate up much of the operating income of, and by comparison with, all six provincial local government units. General Public Service The province […]

Mayon: The mounting cost of keeping safe the evacuees

After the state volcanology institute Phivolcs raised alert level 3 pertaining to Mayon’s restiveness, the government starts piling millions of pesos in current and projected expenses beginning from the day residents were hauled from the affected areas to the evacuation sites in Albay. So now, governor Joey Salceda has announced […]

Big CamSur Towns Top 2003 Earnings

On this post, we check out changes and performance of Camsur towns’ earnings and expenditures for 2003. 13 towns earned beyond P35M. Libmanan maintained its hold on the 1st rank followed by capital town Pili, then Buhi (from 5th on 2002). Calabanga stayed on 4rth. Tinambac has a “carry-over data” from 2002, at 6th.

WB extends P22.4-B fund for PH infra projects

The Philippines will receive a hefty financial package from the World Bank amounting to US$508 million (P22.4 billion) earmarked for infrastructure, business and livelihood assistance, which can help over two million farmers and fishermen secure a higher income in the next six years. More than 70 percent of the fund […]

Daraga Town Leads in Bicol 2003 Income

Positioned in rank #1 is Albay province’s premiere town of Daraga with annual income of P108,615,847. Daet, the capital town of Camarines Norte earned P79,165,000 and ranked 2nd. Another town of Camarines Norte, Labo, had annual earnings of P78,378,000 and ranked 3rd. Big town Libmanan of Camarines Sur with earnings of P71,331,958 was ranked 4rth.

Rich Towns, Poor Towns of RP

They are the cream of an elite group unto themselves. If they are human, they could be living “la vida loca.” But since they are neither, then they could be comparable to virtual money machines, search engine optimized, sucks every single centavo that comes near their sphere.

Daet Tops Bicol Municipal LGUs on Income from Local Sources on FY2009

On this second installment on municipal LGUs focus is on the total non-tax revenue which consists of collections from regulatory fees (permit and licenses), service/user charges (service income), income from economic enterprises (business income) and other receipts (other general income). Daet of Camarines Norte earned the distinction to have topped […]

NCR Income Humbles Philippine Regions in 2005

To give us a broader and over-all picture of the total annual income of all LGUs, all provinces, all cities and all municipalities, would it be better if they are summed-up by region? So here it is, the table of consolidated income of all LGUs. This post finally closes the presentation on the 2005 income of Philippine towns, cities and provinces.

Bicol Congressmen Use P3.881Bn Pork Barrel Funds Between 2009 and 2013

Bicol congressmen received a total of P3.881 billion pork barrel funds between 2009 and March 2013, according to the records of the Department of Budget and Management. The amount represent funds released to 24 present and past congressional representatives of the six Bicol provinces. Representative District  Amount 1 Bravo, Narciso […]

Filipinos to Shoulder P44 Billion in CCT Loan Repayment

Research group IBON calls on lawmakers deliberating on the budget for the controversial Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program to look into the resulting additional debt burden that Filipinos will shoulder to repay the program’s loans.

PPP: Less Gov’t Responsibility, More Public Debt

Through PPP projects, many crucial responsibilities of the government are being transferred to profit-oriented private corporations and banks, particularly the development and operation of core infrastructure such as roads and mass transportation network, power generation, and water supply and distribution, among others.

Quezon Tops PH Cities Annual Income for 2006

The city of Quezon has a land area of 166.20 square km. or 64.2 square miles with a population of 2,679,450 or a density of 16,114/km2 (41,735/sq mi). It is roughly the size of the municipality of Calabanga (163.84 sq. km.) in terms of land area.

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Government funds core housing for indigent victims of Typhoon Glenda

The government through the social welfare department is funding reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged residential units in identified barangays of San Jose town of Camarines Sur amounting to P6.7 million. The local municipal government in turn, will contribute a counterpart sum of P750,000 for the same endeavor. The targeted beneficiaries […]

Billionaire Cities of the Philippines in 2005

There are similarities between the cities of Davao and Puerto Princesa. Both have large land area than any of the cities one can locate in the country. Same cities are outside of Metro Manila. Before, respective residents claim either of the two LGUs was the biggest in the Philippines in terms of territory covered. Checking their websites and Wikipedia recently, it seems that has been settled.

New Albay Airport Benefits from PPP Initiative

The new airport in Daraga town of Albay, otherwise referred to as the southern Luzon international airport, is Bicol’s share in the PPP project being initiated by the PH government. Funding for its construction and completion will be sourced thru the new initiative.

No new tax imposition this year – Malacanang

MANILA — There will be no new tax imposition this year. This assurance came from Malacanang reassuring the public that there will be no new tax policy to be imposed by the government in 2014. A palace deputy presidential spokesperson instead said the Aquino administration will continue to focus on […]

How CamSur Towns Fared On Their Annual Budget

We just got hold of information about income and expenditures of towns, cities and provinces. So this post begins a series related to that, and we will try to make the most logical presentation with analysis and comparison to better understand the data.

A Sweeping Look at a Casureco II Power Bill

Received the other day the Casureco II bill for the household consumption of 159 kilowatts for the period between Jan. 24, 2013 – Feb. 24, 2013 . Not so funny to us each time we get hold of one but just the same we amuse ourselves of the fine prints […]

No economy is an island, so will PH get hit by BREXIT?

Not yet in and yet, the choice technocrats of the incoming Duterte regime are quick to sound off that the European phenomenon called BREXIT, the departure of the United Kingdom (also known as Great Britain) from the European Union will have no effect on the local economy. While many countries […]

Premier Provinces of the Philippines in 2005

In our continuing presentation of the annual income of Bicol LGUs we take a look at how they compare in rank with others. The province of Rizal topped the list. Quite remarkable considering that many of its premier and urban towns were chopped from its jurisdiction when the National Capital region was created.