Editorial Guidelines of Cbanga360-Bicol Street Journal

The Cbanga360-Bicol Street Journal is an online street-journal type citizen-journalism inspired endeavor geared for global Bicol citizens in particular, and every netizen in general, who want to share information and create community, and work together for the common good.

We strive for high standards of fairness, accuracy, and accountability. If you share those values, you are welcome to contribute articles, photographs, audio or video reporting.

Here are some guidelines for publication of articles. The guidelines are a work-in-progress, and we welcome your suggestions and comments.

We look for original news stories with a local angle. That may include stories of national and global events, but with a local connection.

Accuracy is essential. Check and double-check facts and quotations. Identify the sources of your information.

We care about fairness and transparency. Personal perspective is good-but please identify your relationship with the story.

We publish some opinion articles but we are primarily interested in news reporting which may contain the writers’ commentary or analysis. Sometimes historical background is necessary to clarify or situate a news story.

Good news is news. If you know something of interest, of a place, event, restaurant, play, book … tell us about it!
Shorter is generally better. Yes, there’s unlimited space on-line, but readers may not continue to read unlimited words.

If we publish your article as a Cbanga360-Bicol Street Journal original, we may edit it. We don’t expect you to produce perfect content, but we care about clean copy. Check spelling, grammar, punctuation.

You agree that no form of compensation is promised whatsoever.

All work submitted carries with it the express consent you release ALL rights to the article to CBANGA360.NET.
CBANGA360.NET may or may not publish your work at its own discretion.

All images and illustrations submitted are subject to copyright infringement review.

Use your word-processing program’s tools. Double-check the spelling of names, the exact names of organizations, addresses, URLs, etc.

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