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The Cbanga360-Bicol Street Journal is a tool for people to share information, create community, and work together for the common good. We strive for high standards of fairness, accuracy, and accountability. If you’re a Bicol citizen who shares those values, you are invited to register as one of our citizen journalists and contribute articles, photographs, audio or video reporting.


You can contribute your own stories, participate in discussions about local and national issues, and get help from the editor with planning and writing your next story. You can also submit upcoming events for the community calendar.

We have limited resources and editorial time, so we usually edit only assigned articles. But we do publish lightly unedited articles on some occasion. We do moderate them, just as we moderate comments.

Read Cbanga360-Bicol Street Journal Editorial Guidelines here: Editorial Guidelines

Contact/Send message to the editor by sending a private message thru our Facebook page HERE.

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