Retrospect: Luis G. Dato on Luis G. Dato

17 Apr , 2015  

How I Learned to Write Poetry I never took course in poetry writing, other than the prescribed courses in American and English Literature in high school and college. But I had written my early poems years before I took my college courses. By reading poems by Filipinos and by English, American and European poets, I […]

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Haen an Puso / Where is the Heart by Celle Gonzales Calomos

16 Mar , 2015  

Dae mo ako haputon ngonyan / Kun haen an puso ko. / Dae mo ako hilingon na garo pinipirit / Na simbagon taka. Haen mananggad? / Kadto yaon duman sa pinakamalaad / Na bituon kun maaaga, nagtatago, /

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