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It discuss facts relevant to the news, events, ideas, views and opinions written and featured in diverse view on a street and citizen-journalism endeavor. In short, we deliver our observation and commentary with reservation for truth only.

These as guiding light even as we expand the coverage with fusion of intelligent, truthful delivery of local, regional and national updates.

When applicable, a post or article get spiced with a calculated sprinkle of satire treatment.

Very much geared for Global Bicol citizens, in particular, and every (Pinoy) netizen in general, who want to share information, create community, and work together for the common good. And then, some photos.

Also, one feature story at a time about the regions inhabited by living and dynamic communities.

Having stated above, we still adhere to the first and original burst of our commitment on Chronicling Bicol And National local Governance At 360° with quick read narratives of regional significance using social and multi media towards awareness and advocacy for ultimate social change.


Here is a statement of our ethics and discussion policies.

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