Alexander Belone

Alexander Belone II (aka Ka Tandis): Alex went to study in UP and much later transferred to the University of Nueva Caceres where he wrote the "Untitled Poem." He got involved in political activism and joined other activist-students who went to the countryside to work with the people. He also became a member of the Kabataang Makabayan (KM), and got involved in the First Quarter Storm and the relief work organized for the massive floods in 1970.
Untitled Poem By  Alexander Belone II
Untitled Poem By Alexander Belone II

  Can the choicest words and the harshest sounds provide power to a people long oppressed under the yoke of feudal and imperialist tyranny? Shall we not cast aside the broken pen that knows all terms and the paper pure prepared for lines? Shall we not transform angry words into […]