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Watch a PAL Plane Takes Off from Legazpi Airport

9 May , 2013  

Just uploaded an extended video of a Philippine Airlines plane taking off from Legazpi airport as viewed from the upper side of Ligñon hill. The unobstructed view was a welcome opportunity but somehow dampened by a cloudy sky. Still it was worth it. While the native sound was toned down a bit, the strong howling […]


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New Microsoft Windows 8 OS Release on October 26th

20 Oct , 2012  

We are on the look out for the coming release of Windows 8, the next operating system (OS) from Microsoft. Two weeks ago, enthusiasts and avid fans of the OS started placement reservation of packaged DVD of the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for estimated retail price of USD69.99 at select retailers. According to the […]

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Mobile Devices With Internet Connectivity Call for Security

14 Jul , 2012  

(NewsUSA) – With the wealth of internet activity and connected communications offered by smartphones and tablets, our laptops and desktop computers are practically becoming passé. This means your “cell phone” isn’t just a phone anymore, your tablet isn’t just for reading the latest romance novels, and it’s giving software and security experts reason to worry. […]

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The PC is on its Way to the Exit Door, Long Live the PC

21 Apr , 2012  

We read articles by well-informed techno-pundits prognosticate about the era of the personal computer on its way to the exit door, I tell pray that not in the next few years, please. I have just acquired an HP pavilion dm4-3055dx notebook entertainment PC powered with 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2430M CPU at 2.4GHz. It has […]

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Mac OS X Fixes New Trojan

14 Apr , 2012  

On the first week of February, 2012, we were able to complete installation of the new internet security program on five notebooks and two desktops running the Windows operating system in our network. There is no better way to safeguard the machines but make a sizeable investment. It also gives us the peace of mind. […]

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Who’s Afraid of the Intellectual Property Rights Anti-piracy Drive?

23 Feb , 2012  

The Philippines is a marketplace of pirated computer software, music CDs, and movie DVDs. Supply is all over the place, it is not that hard to find. Take the case of a Malacañang-appointed secretary Ronald Llamas in connection with his purchase of pirated DVDs. The act of impropriety by the official simply received an admonition […]

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Something Happened on the Way to the Forum

6 Nov , 2010  

Something happened during the past few days on the backside of this blog, Cbanga360(dot)net. And it was not funny at all. This writer got distraught had to stop writing post while thinking of the worst possibility- online posts, comments, images, data, may be lost forever if its repository- the SQL database get affected.

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Deviating Our Norm, PC Virus and Malware

5 Feb , 2010  

The other night, I have to “combat” an infection of my daughter’s notebook. It was an oversight on my part the real antivirus software expired a week ago.


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