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Facebook to sanitize newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes

21 Jan , 2015  

What’s new on Facebook? Facebook to sanitize newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes. The giant social network site is more intent than ever in sanitizing its unstoppable newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes, scams like deliberate false or untrue news stories. But instead of reviewing content and determine on the accuracy, Facebook users will be handed the […]


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Have you read Pope Francis tweets? The latest about PH

20 Jan , 2015  

With a growing number in followers (now 5.32 million), Pope Francis twits are viral. The Holy Father has been sending tweets since February of 2012. Fresh from his Apostolic Visit of the Philippines and Sri Lanka, his tweets are profound and far reaching. Sa aking mga kaibigan sa Sri Lanka at Pilipinas: Naway pagpalain kayo […]


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PNoy’s Aunts blessed by Pope Francis during Malacanang visit

20 Jan , 2015  

PNoy’s Aunts blessed by Pope Francis during Malacanang visit. During the courtesy call and visit of the Pope to Malacanang, two sick aunts of the president were around. The sister of President Cory and a sister of Senator Ninoy were blessed by the Holy Father. Presidential sister Kris Aquino confirmed the event. The video posting […]


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Organizers launch mobile app on Papal visit in 2015

13 Dec , 2014  

There is no question about it. The fast approaching Papal visit in 2015 is catching up by leaps and bounds among Pinoys. Now add another topping to that. Organizers of the visit launched on Friday a mobile and tablet app for the general public’s consumption. Chairman of the committee on information and media relations Bishop […]


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Pope’s top followers on Twitter include OFWs in Middle East

25 Nov , 2013  

MANILA- Almost a year since the Holy Father went online via Twitter, the Pope has recently hit the 10-million mark in terms of followers. But did you know that a “huge” part of his Twitter followers came from Muslim-dominated Middle Eastern countries? It came as a surprise to Msgr. Paul Tighe, who is part of […]

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Cbanga360- The Bicol Street Journal Mobile Friendly, More Sociable and on the Cloud

26 Apr , 2013  

Cbanga360- The Bicol Street Journal Mobile Friendly, More Sociable and on the Cloud. Very Secure, Too. As of today, Cbanga360-The Bicol Street Journal tested very OKAY and fully functional on its mobile site. The humble endeavor at chronicling Bicol and nat(ional) gov(ernment) at 360 fashion expands its presence on the mobile landscape. This means readers, […]

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On Privacy, Google and Trackers While Surfing the Web

3 Mar , 2012  

After the freaky February 29, 2012 deadline, the behemoth Google start churning in data gathered from online user’s activity across its different sites 24 hours non-stop. Previous to that, users received or read notifications about the change in its privacy practices. Onward, user’s activity will get a destination bucket for sake keeping. And the bucket […]

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The Power of Social Networking, Media and Heroism

26 Aug , 2011  

We were taken for a ride about the story of the school girl from Malinao who was catapulted to instant fame and became a local heroine. Maraming nakuryente!!!

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Twitter Introduces Filipino Translation of Tweets

8 Aug , 2011  

It is more of affirmation than surprise that more Filipinos are on board the social microblogging network of Twitter. The Pinoy penchant for technology and innovation in communication, among others, is a common knowledge. Here’s a new development. Twitter announced on 1st of August that its translation center is now available for Filipino and Malay languages.


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PH Losing Grip as Text Messaging Capital of the World

13 Jan , 2011  

Many Pinoys feel a sense of pride upon learning that the Philippines has been acknowledged the text messaging capital of the world in the past years. It is of no wonder since in one household, almost all members of the family that can read and write, therefore can text, have a cellphone for the purpose. But wait, there could be a looming change on this.


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