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The Amazing Quest of Curiosity Bound for Planet Mars

6 Aug , 2012  

We are posting here several video clips courtesy of NASA following the incredible journey of a rover designed to gather more scientific information about Mars and can withstand the hostile Martian environment. Enjoy and be informed. It must be recalled that a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape […]

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Nokor Rocket Launch a Dud, even as Bicol Folks were Forewarned

14 Apr , 2012  

The Philippines remained a great bystander before and during the much ballyhoed Unha-3 three stage rocket launch by North Korea that was after all a great dud. Some four hours after the rocket exploded over the Yellow Sea, the North admitted the satellite had failed to enter orbit, and that ‚Äúscientists, technicians and experts are […]

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