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Watch Youtube Latest Update on Review of Channel Monetization

5 Jul , 2018  

Watch the latest update on YouTube Channels application for monetization for July 2018. On this episode, I will talk about the current Youtube review on channel monetization. Specifically on the review for re-monetization of my channel cbanga36 Hello my friends, welcome to our channel and you are watching a short discussion on the update on […]

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Watch How to Bore Hole on China Ceramic Mug

17 May , 2018  

I am sharing here my first try at making holes on China-made ceramic cups and mugs. Thanks to our surprise guest host Ger for showing us how to safely insert the 3/8 inch Diamond plus drill bit. The main tool I will be using for this project’s completion. Thanks again for the helping hand Ger. […]

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Youtube delays review of application for channel monetization

21 Apr , 2018  

We are double sharing here the update on the progress of YouTube review of channels for monetization. It seems that small creators will have to endure more waiting and waiting, up until the end of June for the giant social media video sharing site to complete its task of manual review for channels which have […]

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Watch Yay! Finally 1.3K Subscribers and Thank You!

19 Apr , 2018  

Cbanga360 inMotion channel in YouTube has breached the 1.3K subscription. We are full of thanks and appreciation to our subscribers and followers who helped us achieve another milestone in our video blogging journey. This is the second time that in a little over one month that the channel gathered 300 followers. The transcript of the […]

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Watch How We Got 1K Bananas from Youtube

4 Apr , 2018  

We are sharing the simple experience of how we got 1,ooo yes 1K bananas from YouTube. So watch the video and learn how and why. Watch the video from our Cbanga60 inMotion channel on YouTube on this link here: HERE. or, Watch it below: [Video file fact: of “HOW WE GOT 1k BANANAS FROM YOUTUBE” […]

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We celebrate and watch toddler rolls and tumbles in pure fun

16 Mar , 2018  

We celebrate the 1,000 (1K) subscription attained by our inMotion YouTube channel! So here, we celebrate and share our footage of the happy boy so adorably making turns and tumbles enjoying his life with pure innocence. And we haven’t whispered to him yet that we have attained our minimum goal, already! The toddler in […]

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Watch How to Effectively Sprout Mongo Beans Redux Version 2018

28 Feb , 2018  

Watch How to Effectively Sprout Mongo Beans Redux Version 2018 We are in the mood for celebration. Three days ago, our original video post on How to Sprout Mongo (Mung) Beans breached the 100K views (107,801 as of this posting) on our video channel inMotion in Youtube. The video has become the pillar of our […]


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Very Personal Vlog for Youtube Creators – Please Be Careful With Our Hearts

12 Feb , 2018  

I knew it! This phenomenon or nasty thing will happen sooner or later. I joined the bandwagon for more followers to visit my channel and help fellow small Youtube creators push their channel gain viewership and followers too. This is the transcript of the video posted on our Youtube Channel Cbana360. The exchange of courtesies […]

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Watch I am a small Youtube creator, my channel will be demonetized

23 Jan , 2018  

I am a small youtube creator. So little to be noticed. Just a handful of visitors view my videos yet I count and treasure them, always. If I find one viewer suddenly left a comment, I would immediately drop a reply. It gives me excitement. If on a day, one or two fellow Youtuber presses […]

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Palace denies hand in summons against Rappler CEO and 2 others

21 Jan , 2018  

The Malacanang palace on Saturday made known an official denial it has got no hand in the subpoenas issued by the National Bureau of Investigation to online xocial news network publisher Rappler chief executive officer (CEO) Maria Ressa and two others over cybercrime raps, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said on Saturday. Ressa, including former Rappler […]


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Watch a close encounter with a squirrel in 4K

19 Jan , 2018  

This is a first for our YouTube channel at posting video in 4K – “A Close Encounter with a Squirrel in 4K.” A chance encounter with this happy, inquisitive and quite reluctant star of our video proved productive. It all happened last week when we accompanied a fellow YouTuber at filming.ilming his stunt in a […]


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Youtube punishes small creators with the axe of demonetization

19 Jan , 2018  

Finally, our YouTube chanel is getting the dreaded ax of demonetization. But that unfortunate event will not be a setback to our team’s effort, though. Watch the video to learn more of what we are referring to, on the link HERE. Or, watch it down below: ATPV 558

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Watch: Cliffhanger warning on demonetization from Google Adsense

13 Oct , 2017  

Email Warns Cbanga360 website on the precipice of Google Adsense demonetization, if. Youtube content creators are alarmed with many take down notices, actual deletion of videos, suspension of accounts and deletion of accounts lately. We thought we are on the safe side for even up to now, our newest Youtube channel NOAH- News One and […]

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Duterte’s Mocha Uson is under fire from local Twitter users again

23 Aug , 2017  

President Rodrigo Duterte’s blogger-supporter and now amply rewarded as Assistant Secretary in the office of Presidential Communication Operations Office has courted, again, the ire of netizens, specifically Twitter users. This time, tweets criss cross the internet calling for the ouster or removal of the former sexy dancer from her Malacanang post. Local Twitter is hot […]

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Kaspersky Lab to launch worldwide free anti-virus software

30 Jul , 2017  

Russian IT security company Kaspersky Lab announced it is launching worldwide a free antivirus Kaspersky Free version. This information was released Tuesday last week by Yevgeny Valentinovich Kaspersky, also known outside Russia and the west as Eugene Kaspersky, the company’s CEO. “I’ve some fantastic, earth-shattering-saving news. We’re announcing the global launch of Kaspersky Free, which, […]


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PH free Wi-Fi in public accessible places implementation covers 1,435 municipalities

31 Jan , 2016  

The project on free Wi-Fi internet access nationwide as envisioned by the Philippine Department of Science and Technology (DOST) as the prime mover is underway. It aims to offer world wide web access in all accessible places in the country, particularly on town plazas, public parks, government offices (national agencies, local government units), health centers, […]

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Anonymous Philippines hack NTC website to protest slow internet speed

21 Sep , 2015  

What better way to protest the slow internet speed prevailing in the Philippines? Well, hackers took possession of the National Telecommunications Commission website on Sunday. The main purpose could be to show a strong protest on the very slow, in fact, one of the lowest internet speed in the world. NTC’s website was replaced by […]

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Internet service for everyone anywhere, anyplace through Google balloons update

19 Apr , 2015  

Internet service for everyone anywhere, anyplace through Google balloons update. Remember when Google huggged technology news during its launching of a limited number of balloons down under, in New Zealand? That was its project launch in 2013 which now the search giant claim have flown already millions of test miles around the world to learn […]

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Rural towns in Davao region to get free internet access – DOST

12 Mar , 2015  

DAVAO CITY, March 12 — Ten municipalities in the Davao Region earlier identified by the Regional Development Council XI may soon have access to free internet through the TV White Space Initiative of the Department of Science and Technology. Among the 10 municipalities in the region that will soon have free internet access through the […]

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Smart offers 66 million subscribers free internet access

4 Oct , 2014  

Wireless services leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) with Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular announced recently that they will start providing free Internet access to their prepaid subscriber base via their mobile phones. Through this special offer, all of the 66 million Smart Prepaid, Talk ‘N Text, and Sun Cellular Prepaid subscribers can use their […]

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Online piracy: Illegal hosting of Pinoy teleserye faces prosecution

7 Sep , 2014  

Thousands of Filipinos working on contract overseas jobs, commonly known for short as OFWs, drive away their homesickness and longing for things Pinoy, resort to watching Filipino-produced television programs and movies which are always available for free on the internet. News updates, teleseryes, lifestyle programs, variety shows. Name it and the internet is a-buzz of […]

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