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I broke my Sony handycam

22 Jul , 2018  

Do you have this feeling of not letting go of things you have or own, even if it is already broken? I am having a separation anxiety over my Sony Handycam CX100 which stopped working recently. I broke my Sony handycam. O, another one bites the dust. Welcome friends to Cbanga360 inMotion Channel. I will […]

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Watch Persistent and Stubborn American Grasshopper

14 Jul , 2018  

Yes, how does an American grasshopper behave, or better yet, reacts? This is my close encounter with a grasshopper. It was unplanned although a very positive opportunity. I should say, this lost insect is an American grasshopper, judging from its looks and features. Friends, welcome to Cbanga360 inMotion channel. This is the closest encounter I […]

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