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Youtube’s PewdiePie apologize then blames media

17 Feb , 2017  

When a YouTube superstar is hit hard by presumed detractors and envious reporters by using the print and online media, what do observers and fans expect? That personality will answer. And answer back was what Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie did to dish out his apology shared to 53,320,211 of his subscribers and followers already viewed […]

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This is our take on the Rio Olympics 2016 opening

7 Aug , 2016  

The much awaited world event in sports has begun, we watched on TV! Above, a grab of the Philippine Olympic Team. Hope they come home winning, if not gold, silver or bronze, at least the heart of the locals hosting the sporting event. But please do not come home with the dreaded Zika. The magnificent […]

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