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Human Rights Day 2010, Morong 43 and Diplomacy

10 Dec , 2010  

In the past few weeks, we featured five build-up guest posts with specific reference to prevailing human rights atmosphere in the PH. What a good “coincidence” that as the Philippines, and other nations of the world, observe today, December 10th International Human Rights day, president Benigno S. Aquino III has ordered the department of justice (DOJ) to withdraw the charges against the Morong 43.

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Maricel Delen: A Human Rights Worker, a Widow, Now a Victim of Persecution

9 Dec , 2010  

How can the government and the Armed Forces of the Philippines claim that it respects human rights when human rights defenders themselves are being the target of attack? How can there be claims of “change” when the lives of the majority remain the same, and even getting worse, and those who defend the rights of the poor and the oppressed are still being treated as “enemies of the state”?