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About PhilRice at 29, its rice production thrust and GMO

24 Nov , 2014  

This is a short post about PhilRice at 29, its rice production thrust and GMO. The country’s premier government agency on research and improvement of rice varieties had its 29th year anniversary recently. The Philippine Rice Research Institute commonly known as PhilRice for short is an attached agency of the agriculture department. Dr. Eufemio T. […]

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In Motion, Road to Raw Foods

Who “Punked” my fruits and vegetables?

1 Jun , 2014  

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 4 After the usual task of cleaning newly purchased fruits (which are unbelievably still firm and hard to the touch) and amazing crisp vegetables in our futile attempt at removing or wiping out whatever harmful preservative agent sprayed on it (see related video-article here