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Why NASA adds leap second to master clock on end of year 2016

1 Jan , 2017  

NASA explains why on end-of-year of December 31, 2016, the official clocks around the world has added a leap second just before midnight on coordinated Universal Time. The adjustment was equivalent to 6:59:59 p.m. EST, it disclosed. The agency has been very particular of the exact time, making sure that it is in sync with […]

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The awesome 2016 year in review on Pope Francis

31 Dec , 2016  

This info-video pretty much summarized the year’s activities of the Holy Father in 2016 produced by the Secretariat for Communication of Vatican. Captured moments and important fragments of mementos define the busy days of the Pontiff at the Holy See and in his various Pastoral visits within Italy and outside (international journeys) were just awesome. […]

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This Russian subway train is what we need during the holidays

31 Dec , 2016  

How would you like to travel on a train in style during the yuletide season? This Russian subway train knows what the holidays is all about. This is what Pinoys need now and beyond. See how the approaching train promises excitement and holiday cheers for the would-be passenger. It almost imparts a very ‘welcoming” ambiance […]

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The alarming grim end of year 2016 AIDS outlook for the Philippines

31 Dec , 2016  

Is there a grim end of year 2016 AIDS outlook for the Philippines? Consider this alarming facts that already a total of 758 new HIV cases have been recorded by the HIV/AIDS and ART Registry of the Philippines (HARP) as of November, bringing the current total to 38,872. The breakdown shows about 96 percent of […]

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Here’s the last weather situation advisory before new year 2016

31 Dec , 2015  

Yes, this is the last weather situation advisory before the new year of 2016 kicks in. And the prospect is not much desired. Expect cloudy skies with isolated rainshowers in some parts of the country on New Year’s eve due the presence of northeast monsoon, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said […]

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