The Bicol Language, Part 1/ An Lenguahe kan Bicol, Parte 1

9 Sep , 2009  

Maogmang aldaw! is the Bicol phrase greeting one a good happy day, encompassing every Bicolano’s spirit of hospitality and friendship. Bicol is a distinct, complete language by itself, spoken by the majority of people in the region.

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Wild Flowers in the Outfield

6 Sep , 2009  

What’s in a name?A flower will still be a flower, though growing wild and uncared for. Dainty and frail, they thrive well and good outside the backyard fence basking at the sunshine, facing the vast, wide expanse of almost endless ricefields. Ano an yaon sa ngaran?An burak fermi nang burak, maski nagbutwa sa katangyanan. Saradit […]