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Maybe, our guy is up to something worth waiting

Maybe our guy is up to something worth the wait. Is he going to do something sinister? Why was he putting on hand gloves. Not one but two layers. The last was a latex glove. Have to watch the next video coming up soon to finally see what he was […]

The Backstory of “How Not To Kill A Bird” Video

The Story Behind “How Not To Kill A Bird” video. This was a footage taken from our “vault” and rediscovered we could share that some people somehow can relate. Hope you do, too. In one of our visit to a cousin and her family, we chanced upon this cute little […]

President Duterte has a mouthfull of answers when asked about drug-related extra-judicial killings

President Duterte was on his fighting form, with his usual pungent verbal pronouncements when asked about drug-related extra-judicial killings in the country. The irked Duterte was presumed to be referring to reports about US President Barrack Obama conferring to him about the prevailing human rights situation and extra-judicial killings in […]

DENR secretary on high energy at the State of Mindanao environment day

There is no doubt, the enthusiastic Secretary Gina Lopez of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources is bound to do more positive acts which would benefit the conservation of natural resources and the environment. On the video above, the secretary displayed high energy in front of participants, students, staff, […]

Watch PNP Chief General de la Rosa gamely sings ‘Bawal na Gamot’

During the streaming live coverage of the 1st SONA of President Rodrigo Duterte courtesy of RTV-Malacanang on July 25, 2016, viewers were entertained by the PNP Director General Ronald dela Rosa dropping by the set and gamely interacted with the hosts. Before he left, Dela Rosa joined coverage hosts Diane […]

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Watch Unboxing Deep Cool U PAL Notebook Fan

Im jumping right into this post with this most used line that not all things are meant to last. That is so true of my notebook fans. After some years of productive use the built in or internal fan of my notebook or laptop stopped working. Without a cooling unit […]

Peel and cut pineapple fast and easy

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 1, Video 1 Watch this video, our take of how to peel and cut pineapple fast and easy. So novice and clumsy, though. Actually, this is a prelude to more videos that will delve on healthy raw vegetable foods supplement preparation. ATPV 3,367




Watch Ginger goes to heaven in springtime

Ginger appeared in our video productions which include green screen or chroma key tests. Uncomplaining, so cooperative and ever so patient during filmings. She love our walks at the backyard and spends time sniffing the grass and watch long stems and leaves of plants sway in the rhythm of the […]

How I make Sweet Potato & Mint Tea

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 5, Video 4 On this installment of “Road To Raw Food,” join host Danton as he presents his way of making Kamote (Sweet Potato) top leaves and Mint leaves into tea powder. Plus a hint in making Pineapple crown leaves into tea powder, too. Presented […]

Eye in the Sky, Run or Duck and Cover

Eye in the sky, Run or Duck and Cover Yes, there’s big brother’s eye in the sky, run or duck and cover. What will you do? We were testing our camera and by some coincidence we had this copter doing some hovering near our place. We trained the lens toward […]

May Flower Field

An array of flowers in a wide field up for picking or just to appreciate. Our “May Flower Field” slideswhow presentation in high definition. Or view the slideshow on YouTube channel on this link: May Flower Field. ATPV 3,527