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CBSUA Masteral Students Clean-up Beach

13 Nov , 2010  

Masteral students enrolled at the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture-Calabanga rolled their sleeves for a day of community service. Mostly teachers from the state schools in the municipality, they went out to the nearby shoreline for a beach clean-up. All are pursuing masteral studies but met together in the environmental governance class for the first semester of 2010-2011.

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Conserve Water, Recycle, Save the Planet and Your Wallet

21 Oct , 2010  

As part of the Blog Action Day 2010 which unfolded October 15th, wherein we posted an appeal to save our rivers and creeks, we looked around the house what simple chores and tasks every member of the family were doing in support of the cause and more and in a simple way, save us few pesos by making minor changes on our daily habit.