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Crime Rise in CamSur Noted

2 Aug , 2010  

The volume of recorded crimes committed in the province of CamSur rose to 256 per cent or 294 cases in the first six months of the past year against 1,047 for the same half-year period, this year. Meanwhile, Naga city’s crime index seemed to follow the provincial trend.


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Doppler System Soon to Rise in Bicol

18 Jul , 2010  

Our folks would always tell us that experience is a good teacher. I beg to disagree in some instances when the subject is like weather, weather forecasting and disaster preparedness in our country. Either people don’t seem to learn or have short and protracted memory.


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My Favorite Balimbing is Now a Turncoat

8 Jul , 2010  

When I was little, I would perch on the verandah of my grandma’s house, check out and admire the cluster of dangling yellow-greenish fruits from the branches of the much popularly referred to as the balimbing tree. A few more years when I was able to grasp on branches and climb trees I would go […]

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Winners Find Strange Bedfellows

24 May , 2010  

Just thinking aloud, did voters opted to elect candidates due to popularity, performance, or otherwise. Voters have a clever way of playing jokes. At times, it hurts.

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Election Hang-over And Eye Sores

20 May , 2010  

election posters

The election was way past many days now and the remnants of the costliest national exercise already part of the past, and yet we are still confronted with two strong indications that its scepter and shadow still hovers above our heads.

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A Hero is Coming Home

14 May , 2010  

A hero is coming home. Our hero. My brother who works as project engineer in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is coming home before the month ends.


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Election Marred with Malfunctioning Machines

10 May , 2010  

Majority of the fifty million registered voters trooped to Philippine polling precints as early as six in the morning Monday in the nationwide exercise of electing a new set of government officials from the president down to municipal town councils.


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Bicol Marks Billion-Peso Revenue on Tourism

22 Apr , 2010  

Tourism industry in the Bicol region leaped a considerable improvement beginning last year when it ranked fourth overall compared to other regions of the country.

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High Poverty Incidence Prevails in Rural Areas

9 Mar , 2010  

The great divide between the poor and the rich in the country is nowhere more clear than when one goes to the rural areas. In the seaside village of Sabang, more than many nipa houses abound and inhospitable for people to live in. Dilapidated. Frail. Not safe for human habitation. Inadequate.

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Let A Thousand Bikes Vroooom

16 Feb , 2010  

When bank and store credit was eased even to low income singles and families, the first option was to get one motor bike for ease in mobility. A very affordable monthly, some weekly, financing plan enticed one too many in our region; an effective sales drive that spread like wildfire not only in urban centers but also in suburban areas. Add to that the prospect of more savings on daily gas expense, and there should be no second thoughts but walk into the bike store and grab one.

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Heroes of Youth, or A Matter of Point of View

7 Feb , 2010  

Many thanks and photo courtesy of League of Filipino Students and the Arkibong Bayan The great divide, nay, a chasm, between poverty and opulence both obtained in the urban centers like mega Manila and the rural areas is an encouragement for courageous and idealist youths to take up a different challenge in their own perspective. […]

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Our World of Roads in Disrepair

30 Nov , 2009  

Residents of barangay Salvacion have to walk roads in disrepair, with asphalt washed away by flood and strong rains the past few months, a prevailing situation many times common to areas in the region.


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Positive Economic Skies Over Embarcadero

27 Nov , 2009  

Developers and stakeholders of the newest commercial development in the city of Legazpi and in the province of Albay are in the upbeat mood.

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Mt. Mayon on Tight Watch for Eruption

13 Nov , 2009  

Last Wednesday (11 November 2009), about 1:50 A.M. Mt. Mayon had a minor explosion lasting for about three minutes which brought ash fall on the towns surrounding the volcano.

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The Ubiquitous Ukay-ukay at the Town Market

27 Aug , 2009  

One way we can learn about the the town is by wandering at the market. And on this our particular stroll, we came upon this makeshift-stall selling new and second hand clothes.


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A Building Only in Barangay San Pablo

25 Aug , 2009  

San Pablo is a small village of Calabanga town, one of the few that comprises its poblacion or urban center. Actually, it is just a one-street affair with both sides cramped with residential structures of varying designs defined by the financial well-being of the residents.


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