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Peel and cut pineapple fast and easy

22 May , 2014  

Road to Raw Food(s), Episode 1, Video 1 Watch this video, our take of how to peel and cut pineapple fast and easy. So novice and clumsy, though. Actually, this is a prelude to more videos that will delve on healthy raw vegetable foods supplement preparation.


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Golden Rice poses risk to environment, human health – Greenpeace

14 Nov , 2013  

Behind its proponents’ hype that it is a high-tech, quick-fix solution to Vitamin A deficiency, the genetically engineered (GE) “Golden Rice” is environmentally irresponsible, poses risks to human health and could compromise food, nutrition and financial security, Greenpeace International has declared. Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that acts to protect and conserve the […]

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